Bits & Pieces (Your Eyes, Your Health)

Brown Rings around the Iris -  One symptom that only happens with Wilson disease is having brown rings around the iris (colored part) of the eyes (called Kayser-Fleischer rings). They are seen only on the eye exam. Copper buildup causes the rings. The rings don’t cause vision problems. Neurological symptoms: Copper buildup in the central nervous … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Jo Rosen!

President and Founder of Parkinson’s Resource Organization Jo Rosen is celebrating her birthday! Please leave your birthday wishes in the space below and your name will be placed on a Special Tribute page. You can also make a donation in Jo's honor to Parkinson's Resource Organization and give a gift that keeps giving back. ̃All proceeds raised … [Read more...]

Remembering Lt. Col. George H. “Skip” Shutt Jr., USMC, Retired

Lieutenant Colonel George H. “Skip” Shutt Jr., USMC, died peacefully in his home in Huntington Beach, CA on Friday, September 2, 2016. He was 89 years old. Skip was born October 25, 1926, in New Bedford, MA, but spent his childhood and early teen years in Granby, Quebec, Canada. He worked in his father’s fabric mills, ran wild in the woods … [Read more...]


AUCTION IN PROGRESS ENJOY A WEEK IN NEWPORT and SUPPORT Parkinson's Resource Organization. One week October 15 through October 22, 2016 (No substitutions available) at the luxury NEWPORT COAST VACATION VILLAS in Newport Beach, CA, has been made available to us to sell to the highest bidder. This vacation week includes: Spectacular views from … [Read more...]

The Van- A story of simple philanthropy

A SIMPLE ACT OF KINDNESS can be the purest gesture of philanthropy. Enjoy the story as told by a couple dealing with Parkinson's, recipients of a car no longer needed. Rather than using the car for trade in value, the owners gave it to another family that would use and enjoy it for many years to come.  … [Read more...]