SEPTEMBER Message from PRO President, Jo Rosen

ROSE BOUQUETAt the end of August I went to my monthly meeting with the scientists in San Diego. Twenty-three years ago the proverbial “they” said we would have a Parkinson’s cure within five years. Today we are closer than we have ever been. I am so excited to be such a major part of science while helping the Parkinson’s community maintain quality of life until that cure is here. My investment of time and money, over the years, has been given to help 6.5 million (today) people affected by Parkinson’s. On the basis that my revelation comes to fruition, the bonus will be my helping 50 million affected by Alzheimer’s. Is this a good time to be alive, or what?

Read the lasted news   September Update “Road to Cure Parkinson’s. In our newsletter we had so much information this month, we ran short of room, but here, on our website you have access to following articles: GOODBYE DIAPERS-HELLO GEEWHIZ By Paul Dwark, Pharmacist.   CMD: A MOVEMENT DISORDER.   A shortened version of THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF HEALTH REFORM by Carolyn Shelby CLTC.  THE ASSISTANCE FUND, INC. PROUD TO PARTNER WITH ADVICARE.  SIMPLEXITY RENAMED and ASSISTED LIVING OR NURSING HOME?

Also please read:  IN MEMORIUM of former PRO Board Member, Shirley Kreiman and  PRO WELCOMES NEW VOLUNTEER STAFF  David Peet and John Fotheringham,

Yes, September is my birth month and I am coming up to a BIG Birthday. In lieu of a party and gifts, my dream would be to give PRO a healthy financial boost to keep its wonderful work flourishing. It is included so take a look at the SPECIAL EVENTS. I look forward to seeing your participation at these events.

On behalf of everyone benefiting from our efforts, we thank ALL who made donations. We urge you to continue. Please DONATE by mailing a check to the address on the cover or go on line to our secure Website

Until next month, REMEMBER to celebrate Labor Day and VJ Day, WWII on the 2nd, Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on the 4th, Grandparents Day on the 8th, 911 Remembrance on the 11th, Yom Kippur and Friday The 13th on the 13th, and My Birthday on the 26th. CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!

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