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Message from the President, Jo Rosen

April is one of the most spiritual months this year, as I have acknowledged at the bottom of my message here, and it also happens to be PARKINSONS AWARENESS MONTH, or is it? I’ve been aware of this disease every moment of every day of every year for the past 27 plus years. People with Parkinson’s, their caregivers and families are aware of … [Read more...]

Update on Parkinson’s “Road to the Cure” Project

  The Battle Against Parkinson’s Disease According to Ram Bhatt, PhD, CSO “ICBI continues to make progress in bringing its Parkinson’s drug nearer and nearer to closing the gap between today and delivering it to the people…” It is very encouraging news that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug called … [Read more...]

Non-Drug Tips for Coping with Challenging Behavior

Esther Heerema, MSW as published in “Very Well” One of the more difficult aspects of Parkinson’s, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is that it changes the way an individual thinks and reacts to every-day situations. Whether you’re providing physical care, bringing your loved one to a doctor’s appointment or just spending time with them, you may … [Read more...]

Heartburn and Acid Reflux

In the November 2015 Newsworthy Notes, we published an article “Is it Gerd or is it Thrush?” Many people with Parkinson’s, after taking medications for a long period of time, experience one or both of these. To help anyone with either of these challenges, we give to you a rendition of Gerd by Dr. Mercola: SAFE AND EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES … [Read more...]

Veterans Pension Benefits

2017 VETERANS PENSION BENEFITS FOR NON-SERVICE CONNECTED DISABILITIES   Ronald A Fatoullah, of RONALD FATOULLAH & ASSOCIATES Great Neck, New York. The Veterans Administration (VA) Pension is a disability benefits program available to compensate veterans for non-service-connected disabilities. Like the VA compensation program, … [Read more...]