Gratitude and Giving This Holiday Season

Each year Jo Rosen invites several Military Personnel for Christmas Dinner. Many are far away from ome, unable to be with their families so Jo opens her home, cooks a huge holiday dinner and gives these dedicated men a women an evening at home away from home.

A tradition for many years, Jo Rosen President and Founder of Parkinsons Resource Organization opens her home and her heart to Men and Women serving in our Armed Forces. She never knows who her guests will be but welcomes those selected with open arms. Her tradition began 4 years ago with the passing of her husband Alan Rosen. She turned her loss into a blessing for many service people away from home. “It has become a blessing beyond measure for me” Jo says of her time with these young men and women. “I can’t describe how special it feels to welcome these young people into my home for a time of fellowship” sharing the holiday spirit and caring”

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