Health Tips For Women Caregivers

Women who constantly care for others – children or adults – with emotional and physical problems often become very stressed themselves. Caregiver stress may show itself in weight changes, problems sleeping, depression or frequent bouts of anger.

To help relieve caregiver stress consider the following:

Seek help from friends, loved ones, and local community caregiving resources and support groups.

Say “no” to requests that will require too much of your energy and time. Be realistic when setting your goals.

Know and accept that you cannot change everything. There is no such thing as a perfect caregiver.

Stay organized. Keep lists, and prioritizing responsibilities.

Maintain relationships with friends and family. Take time each week to do something that you enjoy just with and for you.

Do your best to maintain a sense of humor.

Make time for daily exercise, and keep regular checkups with your doctor.

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