October Message From the President Jo Rosen

A wonderful year of challenge, change and growth was celebrated by all the wonderful birthday sentiments and donations last month honoring a very special day in my life. Thank you for caring and sharing and helping me make the work PRO does possible. It is with renewed energy and commitment that I challenge everyone even remotely aware of … [Read more...]

OCTOBER -2016 Update on PARKINSON’S  “Road To The Cure” Project

DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND THE ROAD TO THE US FDA Ram Bhatt, CSO ICBI, Inc. ICBI SMART Molecules (SMs) technology is poised to translate our most promising scientific breakthroughs into meaningful disease-altering treatments capable of tackling the most complex and vexing medical challenges related to the diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). … [Read more...]


PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED DYING Dr. Howard Cohen DO, HMD, CMD Medical Director, Family Hospice Care Many of us are aware of the (controversial) new law that allows physician assisted death in California, the End of Life Option Act (EoLOA), which became legal on June 9, 2016. The new law has garnered much discussion in the news since the EoLOA came … [Read more...]


Compassionate Care Through The Hearts And Hands Of Nurses Nurses For Safe Access (NFSA) are Integrative Cannabinoid Nurse Advocates! Across America people every day are becoming more and more disenfranchised from Western medicine; the side effects of debilitating pharmaceuticals; and the soaring cost of prescription drugs. People suffering from … [Read more...]

Bits & Pieces (Your Eyes, Your Health)

Brown Rings around the Iris -  One symptom that only happens with Wilson disease is having brown rings around the iris (colored part) of the eyes (called Kayser-Fleischer rings). They are seen only on the eye exam. Copper buildup causes the rings. The rings don’t cause vision problems. Neurological symptoms: Copper buildup in the central nervous … [Read more...]