California’s Telephone Access Program

telephoneDo you have difficulty using the phone?  Do you, or does anyone you know, have difficulty using the telephone? Perhaps you have trouble with one of the following:

  • Can’t hear the other person?
  • The other person can’t hear you?
  • The numbers on the telephone pad are too small?
  • Are unable to get to the telephone in time before it stops ringing?

The California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) provides adaptive telephone equipment and related services AT NO COST to California residents who have difficulty using a standard telephone because of temporary or permanent problems hearing, speaking, seeing, moving or remembering.

That’s right! Free telephone equipment! The next time you get your telephone bill, look for the surcharge that reads “CA Relay Service & Communications Devices Fund”. This monthly tax funds the state program known as CTAP.

To qualify, you must be a California resident with active telephone service and must have an application form signed by a licensed physician or audiologist. It’s that simple! The best part is that once enrolled in the program, you get a lifetime “warranty” on all the equipment. That means that should the telephone equipment ever break, or you find that it is not serving your needs, you can simply contact our Call Center and we will gladly send you an exchange or replacement.

What better use of your tax dollars? This is YOUR program funded by YOUR tax dollars. Let CTAP serve your telephone equipment needs. For more information, eMail to info@ ParkinsonsResource.Org.

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