New Discovery in Cell Biology Offers Promise for Parkinson’s Patients

cell-researchBy Dr. Bryan Flamm, D.O.M. & licensed laboratory technologist, MT (ASCP) and Katherine Flamm, M.S., CNS


When Katy’s sister was diagnosed with Parkinson’s we took it upon ourselves to seek out an effective product that could support healing naturally and safely.

Our knowledge of the most basic life processes, including cell metabolism, is doubling every five years. Thousands of investigators have devoted their lives to acquire this knowledge.

The secret behind almost all biological processes is how the body maintains the balance of the hundreds of thousands of types of molecules in every cell. New understanding of the role of oxidants and antioxidants, which are made naturally inside our cells, shows how these play an essential role in maintaining the basic chemical balance in and between cells. These small reactive molecules are critical to the proper function of the cell and to damage control mechanisms that exist inside and outside of cells.

Little babies have plenty of these molecules and therefore repair cell damage quickly, but with each passing decade, production decreases—by age 70 the efficiency of production decreases to 10% of what we were born with. A new technology has found a way to supplement these molecules to help maintain a healthy balance at the cellular level. At Sea Change, we discovered a new product, a liquid supplement that is directly absorbed into the tissues and into the cells of the body.

The effectiveness of this type of supplementation can be determined by measuring the presence of the antioxidant glutathione.

It is known that as we age, there is a precipitous drop in glutathione levels. Lower glutathione levels are implicated in many diseases associated with aging including neurodegenerative diseases such as MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, among others. The Lancet 344: 796-798, 1994. The new liquid supplement that we are so excited about has been shown in the laboratory to increase the presence of important antioxidants inside our cells: glutathione, SOD, and catalase. One independent laboratory study showed that glutathione activity levels increased by 800%!

Broad applications – Antioxidants and oxidants are molecules absolutely fundamental to the healing process in all higher forms of life. They can clean up dead and dysfunctional cells and thereby strengthen and speed the healing process. They regulate the very processes that allow life to heal itself, defend itself, and thrive in adverse environments.

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