Justifying funding the ICBI Parkinson’s drug for clinical trials

according to Ram Bhatt, PhD, “ICBI continues to make progress in bringing its Parkinson’s drug nearer and nearer to closing the gap between today and delivering it to the people…”

Big Pharmaceutical Company Monitoring ICBI Progress

In addition to our on-going collaboration with a large US pharmaceutical company, ICBI was recently contacted by three more large US pharmaceutical companies:

1) In the middle of February 2017, ICBI scientists had a face to face meeting with one of the internationally known US big pharmaceutical companies. This company was very captivated with the data ICBI presented to them and told us that they would like to see similar data with the cloned SMART Molecule for the Parkinson’s drug. Our current Parkinson’s drug is polyclonal, which the FDA will not approve for patient use. For clinical applications, antibody based drugs have to be monoclonal. ICBI has intensified its search in the last one year for the funding to clone and scale up the production of our Parkinson’s drug, a process that will take 12-18 months and a budget of about $5M. We will need additional $8M just for the Phase-1 clinical trial. As soon as we have cloned the drug and replicated the data with the cloned drug, our prospect for a pharmaceutical partnership will increase significantly.

2) A third US pharmaceutical will be visiting ICBI in the second week of March, 2017.

3) We are in the process of signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with a fourth internationally known pharmaceutical company.

Michael J Fox Foundation UpdateKnowing that the first pharmaceutical company had some internal turmoil in 2015 which delayed ICBI’s validation experiment last year, the MJF Foundation is trying to set up ICBI’s collaboration with the faculty of University of Pittsburg to get additional data on our Parkinson’s drug so that the Foundation can justify funding ICBI Parkinson’s drug for clinical trials.

Bright Outlook – We are very encouraged by the recent interest shown by three additional big pharmaceutical companies to understand what ICBI’s SMART Molecule technology is all about, though we realize we are not yet at a stage where a big pharmaceutical can either acquire us or license our technology. Conducting Phase-1 clinical trials with the monoclonal SMART Molecule for the diagnosis and disease modification of Parkinson’s will certainly bring ICBI closer to landing a partnership with a big pharmaceutical company.

If you meet certain qualifications, you too may be able to take part in this “history-making” science. For the names of the big pharmaceutical companies or how to get involved, please get in touch with Jo Rosen at Parkinson’s Resource Organization with whom we are in constant communication, updating her on our progress, while learning from her why it is so important to continue working to eradicate this horrific disease. IMAGINE a world without Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. Just Imagine. 

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