A New Product Focus Group in Progress

Do people tell you they can’t hear you? Do you constantly have to repeat yourself? Are you aware that your volume is not as loud as it once was? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then continue reading about an exciting new device that may be able to help you speak louder.

Griffin LaBSWe are excited to announce that PRO has teamed up with Griffin Laboratories and has offered our members an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to test a new device focused on improving speech volume in Parkinson’s individuals.

Among other things, while wearing the device, the wearer will receive an “alert” whenever his/her volume is too low. The technology in this device will automatically recognize when s/he needs to receive an alert based on his/her speaking volume.  Griffin is looking to gain insight from individuals who will benefit most from this product. The study, currently in progress, is being overseen by a certified Speech Language Pathologist who calibrates the device to the wearer’s specific voice. The new product launch is anticipated for April 2014. More information will be made available in Newsworthy Notes next month.

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