Patient testimonial about TMJ treatment and Parkinson’s symptoms.

Meet Shirley as she discusses her Parkinson’s symptoms and the profound impact the recent TMJ treatment has had on how she feels!


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  1. Wayne Myers says:

    I have PD and in November of 2010 I started a TMJ program with Dr. Leonard J Feld DDS out of his Palm Desert, CA office. I have found the mouth gards to be most helpful. I am standing more errect and the shuffling walk has gone back to a normal gate when I walk. I feel balanced now that my jaw isin the right place. It looks like I will be using the mouth peaces for a long time. But I feel its worth every penny I spent for the therapy.

  2. Glad you are enjoying such success with your TMJ appliance. Who is your neurologist and where is he located? Does he support your TMJ journey?

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