I’m tired as hell my vision is blurred 
My tremor’s in overdrive my speech is all slurred
But I’m used to it been like this for all these years 
I put on a fake smile but inside its tears


This is how I feel although the days always feel the aching
The pain’s constantly there as well as the shaking
The pins and needles are driving me mad
If I could fall asleep trust me I’d be very glad


But Parkinson’s is an Illness that’s always on my case
It takes over your body it alters my pace
My walking’s very slow my balance is out
Wish it would leave me alone I’d like to get about


But no, it’s still here doing it’s worse
It strikes me down like some sort of curse
I try to be independent but my life’s changed a lot
I have to ask for lots of help although I try not


I’m fighting this disease but feel like I’m way behind
It’s playing with my body as well as my mind
It won’t finish till it’s done me in
I’m know I’m fighting a battle I’m never gonna win

But I’ll give it all I’ve got as all will no doubt see
I’ll struggle with all the pitfalls it throws at me
But I’ll lose the war I know I will in the end
Parkinson’s a loner, it’s nobody’s friend