March 2017 Message from the President, Jo Rosen

As Charles Dickens said about March, “It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” March encompasses lots of beginnings and endings just as we regularly experience in the PRO office.

We continue with #YearOfTheCure as we provide you with “real time” science covered in our Update on ROAD TO THE CURE on this page. We loved the comments received about the Stem Cell Therapy information they wrote about last month.

March brings articles from some of our extraordinary Wellness Villagers; Informative news such as: our Inspirational Corner, THE ELEPHANT ROPE (about belief) ; Popularly known by the acronym DABDA… THE FIVE STAGES OF; HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FINANCES FROM A DEGENERATIVE ILLNESS By Chris Risenmay, CFP®, The Cypress Group; From a Caregiver: CARING FOR MYSELF; plus we’ve added a story about Kathy Schriefer’s Dad, A QUICK 14 YEARS: An Outsider; a continuation of our Encyclopedia on diseases (disorders) that have Parkinson’s overtones, CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB DISEASE; and GETTING DRESSED by Health Aides Made Easy.

Thank you for your tax deductible donations giving us the opportunity to help MORE… to help MORE people, MORE often, MORE timely, with MORE information in a MORE compassionate way. We know we are providing valuable information and support in the Parkinson’s community, and we continue to appreciate your monthly or general donations through our safe PayPal donation page at or by mail to our office in Palm Desert, California.

Until next month, REMEMBER Daylight Savings Time begins on the 12th, St. Patrick’s Day is on the 17th, Spring begins on the 20th, and National Puppy Day on the 23rd. The flower is the Daffodil and the Birthstones are the Aquamarine, Bloodstone & Jade. You might also take note that March is National Nutrition Month. ALWAYS remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!


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