As Charles Dickens said about March, “It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” March encompasses lots of beginnings and endings just as we regularly experience in the PRO office.

Next time you call please introduce yourself to Paul Hietter, our new Director of Development. We wourked with Paul on an extraordinary fundraising event in 2008, “An Evening of Elegance” when he was with a different company. He brings with him an expertise in non-profit work, fundraising, and project management. We are pleased to have him with us. We introduced you to Jeremy Simon, our Communications Director back in October of 2017.

Join us at our 2nd ANNUAL MITCH’S PITCHES PRO fundraising event observing Parkinson’s Awareness Month on April 8th. Information can be found on page __. If you cannot attend you can still support us and we’ll love it.

For your reading edification this month we’re proud to present to you (“ICBII”), Reports on the THE FDA SEEMS TO BE LOOSENING RESTRICTIONS ON APPROVING DRUGS FOR ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE on this page, ALL ABOUT MAGNESIUM Could It Help With Constipation? on page__, AVOID OPIOIDS! PHYSIOTHERAPY IS PAIN MANAGEMENT on page ___, WHAT IS MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY? A PARKINSON(ISM) on page ___ APHASIA DEFINITIONS on page _ and our Inspirational THE FIFTH SET on page __.

Again, Thank You all for your tax-deductible donations giving us the opportunity to help MORE – to help MORE people, MORE often, MORE timely, with MORE information in a MORE compassionate way. We know we are providing valuable information and support in the Parkinson’s community. Keep giving, we continue to appreciate your monthly or general donations through our safe PayPal donation page at or by mail to our office in Palm Desert, CA.

Did you know you can communicate with us through Facebook at or on Twitter at @ParkinsonsPRO, on Linked-In at and now on Instagram at There’s no reason not to stay in touch with us now.  We would love to receive your social media handles so we can be more easily in touch with you as well.

Until next month, REMEMBER the Academy Awards on the 4th, International Women’s Day on the 8th, Daylight Saving Begins on the 11th, Spring Begins on the 20th, that’s also International Day of Happiness, Palm Sunday on the 25th, and Passover starts on the 31st. The flower is the Daffodil, and the birthstone is the Aquamarine, Bloodstone & Jade. ALWAYS remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!  


Jo Rosen

Founder & President

About Jo Rosen

Jo Rosen is Founder and President of Parkinson's Resource Organization. Headquartered in Palm Desert California. Jo has been dedicated to helping those with Parkinson's for more than 27 years. As a speaker, advocate and educator to those with Parkinson's, their caregivers, families and friends, Ms. Rosens mission is to encourage Ultimate Quality of Life for everyone on the Parkinsons Journey and to see the cure for Parkinson's come to fruition.