Message from the President, Jo Rosen

April Spril Flowers April is one of the most spiritual months this year, as I have acknowledged at the bottom of my message here, and it also happens to be PARKINSONS AWARENESS MONTH, or is it? I’ve been aware of this disease every moment of every day of every year for the past 27 plus years. People with Parkinson’s, their caregivers and families are aware of Parkinson’s every minute of every day. Parkinson’s Resource Organization is too.

Being aware is one thing, outwardly demonstrating your interest and support for those dealing with Parkinson’s gives all of us hope and energy.

Supporting our efforts to ease the pain, the struggles and unbelievable heartbreak felt by so many is the fuel that keeps us going and fills our hearts with overwhelming gratitude. We applaud you and appreciate you as you join a walk, a run, a bike ride or whatever activity is in your neighborhood and know we are right there with you raising awareness of a world of dear people hanging on by a thread, seeking hope and help from us at PRO and you, our supporters. It begins with AWARENESS and continues with ACTION… Thank you, thank you for raising your voice and stepping up.

This month, for our Outward Awareness program, we are recognizing our newest staff member, our Director of Development, Dan Ball at a #BallGoesPRO event on April 12th. Please visit our Facebook page and see the excitement we have surrounding the event. We are also proud to welcome Sean Piercy, our Executive Assistant and Technical Guru.

We continue with #YearOfTheCure and provide you with “real time” science covered in our Update on ROAD TO THE CURE. The scientists are making tremendous strides in bringing the Road to the Cure to fruition.

We proudly bring you articles from our extraordinary Wellness Villagers. Informative news such as: beginning with our Inspirational Corner: THE OBSTACLE IN OUR PATH; 2017 VETERANS PENSION BENEFITS FOR NON-SERVICE CONNECTED DISABILITIES by Attorney Ronald A. Fatoullah; SAFE AND EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO ELIMINATE HEARTBURN AND ACID REFLUX by Dr. Mercola; and we’ve added NON-DRUG TIPS FOR COPING WITH CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS by Esther Heerema, MSW.

Thank you for your tax-deductible donations giving us the opportunity to help MORE – to help MORE people, MORE often, MORE timely, with MORE information in a MORE compassionate way. We know we are providing valuable information and support in the Parkinson’s community, we continue to appreciate your monthly or general donations through our safe PayPal donation page at or by mail to our office in Palm Desert, California.

Until next month, REMEMBER April Fool’s Day on the 1st, World Health Day on the 7th, Palm Sunday is on the 9th, the start of Passover on the 11th, our major “Ball Goes PRO” event on the 12th, Good Friday on the 14th, Easter Sunday on the 16th, the end of Passover on the 18th, Earth Day on the 22nd, and Arbor Day on the 28th. The flowers are Daisy and Sweet Pea and the Birthstones are Diamond and Crystal. You might also take note that April is National Poetry Month. We would love to receive your favorite poem. ALWAYS remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!

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