Jo-Rosenby Jo Rosen

Now I am the voice,  I will lead not follow, I will believe, not doubt.

I will create not destroy. I am a force for good, I am a leader.

Defy the odds.  Set a new standard.  Step up, Step up, Step up

It’s one of the mantras the Anthony Robbins Mastery University and participants verbalize as they go through training, and hopefully thereafter. I have this mantra up on the wall in my office.

How does one make breakthroughs in life? If you’ve followed PRO for a while you know that in 2008 I walked over cindering coals with bare feet. That was the year after Alan died, and there were breakthroughs then. This time I climbed a 60 foot pole, about 12 inches in diameter, stood atop it and thanked the Universe that I made it, and then bungee jumped down to the ground. I am not certain if it was because I was the oldest person there, or my “never, never, never give up” attitude shown through, but of the 96 climbers, I was voted the most inspirational.

The Life Mastery course is to revitalize, transform, energize and renew. ..I learned so much in five days it is impossible to report to you in a couple of paragraphs; however, we covered such things as “The Five Sources of Disease”, “Cycles of Balance and Imbalance”, “Cleansing and Rejuvenation”, “Emotional Mastery”, the “12 Principals of a Vital Life”, “Transforming Beliefs”, “Closing the Gap” and “Keys to Outstanding Relationships”, plus so much more.

Throughout the coming year, I will continue to share in our monthly newsletter, excerpts from the principles explored during this life changing experience. My diploma hangs proudly on my office wall…. reminding me and those who visit me of the enormous potential we all have within.  Moving forward, sharing my inspired journey I encourage everyone to LIVE WITH PASSION!


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