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We are excited to tell you about a new book, REDOX LIFE, which describes in great detail the new science of redox and how redox reactions impact our health.

REDOX LIFE by Dr. A.S. Naidu, Ph.D, (medicine) FACN, FLS – medical microbiologist and immunologist, was published in August of 2013. This 510-page tome is full of research into a new field of science that emerged in the early 1990s. Dr. Naidu has reviewed the original articles of a hundred Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physiology, and medicine and thousands of REDOX related original publications and hundreds of reviews to write this book which, as Dr. Naidu explains, is still only a “snapshot” of the ongoing understanding of REDOX reactions.

As described by Dr. Naidu, life is an extraordinary REDOX program designed to capture, store, and expend energy through the reorganization of chemical bonds. Plants and animals require a continuous flow of chemicals that refill the spent molecules that regulate our cells and keep them in balance. Life is dependent on these complex energy transformations – all living organisms require energy for survival, growth and multiplication.

On earth we have two types of energy production: some living systems derive their energy from sunlight, like plants, while other living systems, like animals, use the organic material created by plants as their source of energy (cows, for example, eat grass). Both types of energy require specialized adaptations to use these energy sources and these are called REDOX reactions.

When the balance of these REDOX reactions inside our cells is disturbed chronic disease and aging can occur. Various external influences can cause these imbalances within like diet, toxins, pollution, excessive sun exposure, bacteria, viruses and more. Dr. Naidu describes in great detail how systems of the body are affected by this type of imbalance in our cells.

My husband Bryan and I have been working for decades with alternative supplements in our business and with individuals one on one. The discoveries in biology and in other sciences described in REDOX Life indicate that balancing the chemistry of cells by normalizing REDOX reactions can provide great benefit to wellness for everyone.

We now have available an amazing product that has captured the redox molecules in a bottle and makes supplementing redox reactions inside our cells possible! To learn more about this, please visit Parkinson Resource Organization’s website ( and click on Wellness Village – then scroll to Healthy Products, and click the button for Sea-Change.

The book by Narain Naidu, REDOX LIFE available on

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