Parkinson's Resource Organization Remembers Shirley KreimanOn July 11, 2013 the world, Parkinson’s Resource Organization, and her family, lost a stellar woman, SHIRLEY KREIMAN. PRO met Shirley and her husband Robert, who had Parkinson’s, in November 1995. Robert passed away October 8, 1998.

Shirley & Robert were such wonderful supporters of PRO. They held fundraising events at their home, and Shirley attended nearly every fundraising event PRO ever had, helping in any manner she could. She used to say she “found a home at PRO” and we certainly found a good friend in her.

One sentiment that came in says much:

“Shirley was one of the first people I met when I entered the world of Parkinson’s disease. It wasn’t a place I, or anyone, wanted to be, but Shirley and her graciousness made it easier. What a lady! She always remembered my name and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable despite having so much else on her mind. She knew from experience what caregivers were or had been going through because she was there herself. She never dwelt on her or Robert’s own problems, choosing, instead, to help other people. What a lovely legacy. It was sad to hear that Shirley no longer walks the earth with us and hope that she and Bob are reunited and enjoying eternity together. My condolences to their family”.

We all miss Shirley and look forward to one day reuniting with her as well. Anyone wishing to show their love and appreciation for her graciousness may make a donation in her name, and send their sentiments through our website or to the PRO office.

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