There was a farm, where lived farmer John with his wife Molly. The farm has pigs, cows and many animals. Also on the farm, there lived a little mouse.
One day the mouse looked through a small crack in the wall and accidentally saw how the farmer was opening some package. The mouse was curious what food may it contain and discovered that it was a mousetrap.
The mouse was determined to run around the farmyard and warn all the animals regarding the danger.
First of all, he met the chicken. ”There is a mousetrap in the house!” – the mouse declared with despair. But the chicken answered with indifference: “It doesn’t concern me, as this is a danger for you, but not for me. It cannot bother me”.
Then the mouse raced to the pig and the cow and told them about the mousetrap. But the pig and the cow were not impressed either. They said that there is nothing to about this and promised to pray about the mouse.
Sad and depressed, the little mouse returned to the house.
In the night, the farmer’s wife Molly heard a sound of a mousetrap. She hurried to see what was in it, but due to the darkness, she did not see that it was a poisonous snake, whose tail was caught in the trap. Suddenly the snake bit Molly.
The farmer rushed her to the hospital. Later, when they returned home, Molly still had a fever. John remembered that it is good to treat a fever with chicken soup, so he went to his farmyard to bring the main ingredient, the chicken.
Whereas Molly’s sickness continued and many friends came to visit her, the farmer butchered the pig so he could feed all the visitors.
Unfortunately, as time went by Molly became weaker and weaker and one day she died. Many neighbors, relatives, and friends have arrived at the funeral. John had to slaughter the cow to feed all of them.
The mouse has been watching all that was happening with great sorrow.
Remember, when we learn that someone is facing difficulties or danger, we are all at risk. It is better to help and encourage one another and don’t leave anyone alone with his problems.

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