Wayne Myers- Nutritional Health Consultant

Wayne Myers- Health and Nutrition researcher and educator

Wayne Myers is a health and nutrition information researcher and educator. He believes that the best approach to people’s health is to work with whole foods, not man-made supplements. Simply put, “The quality of our health reflects in large measure on the quality of the foods we eat and the water we drink.”

Wayne’s health philosophy is based on research that the human body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair, and defend itself when given natural, high quality, full spectrum nutrients.  The result of this philosophy is to depend on whole food products from natural and organically grown foods to enhance the quality of the body’s performance (physical, mental, and emotional).   With his Parkinson’s clients, his emphasis focuses on better digestion, better nutrition by using high-quality organic micro-algae, and protecting the liver against free radical damage. Once the body is in balance, and the Parkinson’s sufferer also implements an exercise program, they will find that some side effects from the Parkinson’s disappear or are greatly reduced.

He is not a nutritionist by profession, but a health resource searcher and educator. Based on all the research he has examined to reduce his own side effects from Parkinson’s disease, and the hundreds of individuals with health problems he has consulted with over the last 20 years, his recommendation to them is always based on the philosophy that, “Food is the best medicine.” Sometimes we need doctors, but in chronic conditions only the body can heal itself and it can only do that through good nutrition, high quality food-based supplements, good water and exercise.

You can obtain a free health assessment, consultation by clicking on the following link; www.parkinsondisease.info 
or you can reach him at his office by phone at 800-559-3706.

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