1. Sandy Samens says:

    Like Jo above, I can no longer cook or clean for my Parkinson husband as I have severe arthritis and heart trouble. We make about $34K a year. That sounds like a lot, but we pay for household help, would like to get a safe walk-in tub, stair glide and build a few short ramps. A motorized scooter would be helpful, but we do without because of the expense. Are we rich or poor? Where is the cut-off line? Some say we are low income, others say we are pretty well off. We don’t really know where we stand. But I’d like to see the politicians live on our income.

  2. jo neace krause says:

    I have Parkinson disease and can no longer do household chores without severe muscle spasms. Is there
    any available program for financial assistance for paying someone to help me. Thanks for kind reply.

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