AUGUST Message from the President Jo Rosen

sitting on the porchThis is probably one of the best times of my life. I am so gratified by the historic event that took place on July 11th which you can read about in UPDATE ON “ROAD TO CURE PARKINSON’S”

Again, I was invited by and attended the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain 28th Annual convention July 26th through 28th. Again I learned so much, which prompts my article on RETOOLING FOR ACCURACY.  I cannot imagine why Neurologists and Movement Disorder Specialists are not embracing CMD specialists. Perhaps it’s a matter of opening their minds and their scopes, perhaps it’s a matter of time or perhaps it’s just a matter of ______ (let us know).

Another robust month of amazing information:  THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF HEALTH REFORM by Carolyn Shelby CLTC.  CRANIO-MANDIBULAR DISORDER – “CMD” by Lynn Lipskis, DDS, FAACP, DAACP; MOBILE DENTAL HYGIENE by Betty Anna Gidlof, RDHAP; and NEWS FROM SEA-CHANGE by Katherine Flamm, M.S. (biology) CNS.

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Until next month REMEMBER to celebrate almost anything you want because August has no official holiday; International Friendship Day on the 4th, Left Hander’s Day on the 13th, Be an Angel Day on the 22nd. CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!


Jo Rosen,
Founder & President

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