November Message from PRO Founder Jo Rosen

I wish to THANK YOU all for the sentiments, flowers and lovely cards at the time of my back surgery. My deepest personal gratitude goes to the best Neurosurgeon in the world, Dr. Michel Levesque, and the best chiropractor and friends a person could have, Dr. C. Curtis and Mickey Buddingh and the best new staff member anyone could have, Cricket Prescott.

I am recouping well after the surgery and determined more than ever to resume my mission with full force to help Parkinson’s patients. My pace may be slowed a little, but naturally I will continue my personal goal of finding funding for the potential CURE of Parkinson’s disease. Please read Update on the “ROAD TO CURE PARKINSON’S”,

NOVEMBER IS NATIONAL CAREGIVER’S MONTH and help is on its way in the article by Shawn Herz, MSG.

HOW CAN VISION POSITIVELY IMPACT THE EFFECTS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE? More incredible information can be found in the article by Janet Kohtz, FCOVD, NORA. No, your GENERAL optometrist has not been withholding information from you, vision is much more than 20/20, all you need is an optometrist specially trained, equipped and impassioned about improving vision in a neurodegenerative brain.

Be sure to read THE GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®: An Exercise Method That Can Benefit People With Parkinson’s Perspectives from a Movement Specialist by Marc Pierre MS, PT and because we refer so many constituents to Elder Law Attorneys AFTER they’ve found themselves in a crisis from doing their own SELF-HELP ESTATE PLANNING by William R. Remery, NAELA, we hope this article inspires you to pay a qualified attorney to review your estate plan so that what you want in your estate plan is actually in your estate plan.

Check out the October additions to the WELLNESS VILLAGE, and visit the individuals on their pages in the Wellness Village village/.

On behalf of everyone benefiting from our efforts, we thank ALL OF YOU who made donations or are making donations, keeping our work flourishing. We urge you to continue. You may donate on line through our secure website contribute. Check the website often, as we are continually adding articles, pictures and valuable information.

Until next month REMEMBER to turn your clocks back an hour on the 4th, VOTE on or by the 6th. Celebrate our war heroes on Veterans Day the 11th. BE GRATEFUL on Thanksgiving Day the 22nd. Remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!


At PRO, Parkinsons Resource Organization we continue to do what we do best, serving those with Parkinsons to find ultimate quality of life.  With renewed energy and commitment every month we organize and conduct group meetings, offer personal counseling and find new resources and information to distribute through our website.

As Founder of Parkinsons Resource Organization I am dedicated to the Parkinson’s community and have made a personal commitment to take on the mission to raise funds for the exciting new research, being done in hopes of achieving human clinical trials for a possible cure within 12 to 18 months.


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