The September message from PRO Founder Jo Rosen

The Collaboration with MACY’S SHOP FOR A CAUSE that was held throughout the USA August 27th, was super successful for Parkinson’s Resource Organization. In our local area, among all of the other charities, we were the purveyor of the most 25% off Coupons. That gave us an “information table” at the MACY’S cosmetic and fragrance entrance (in retail the most highly trafficked area) inside the mall. We hope you were able to participate in this annual event and save money on back to school clothes, back to work clothes, early holiday shopping or whatever. Thank you for giving us an extra hand with your donations for the opportunity.

Our next collaboration takes place 9-11, 2011 with the Bay City Rodders and the 22nd annual BELMONT SHORE CAR SHOW. This show is not to be missed whether you have a car or just come to look at cars. The level of quality of the cars at this show is second to none. PRO will be there to show and tell people how they can “drive” through the journey or Parkinson’s either in an old jalopy worrying every inch of the way, or in a restored, beautifully unique classic motoring toward “Ultimate Quality of Life”.

Our Support groups reconvene this month. Check the CALENDAR

This month PRO is bringing you subjects from; a Harvard University discovery, NEW FIND MAY CHANGE HOW PARKINSON’S IS TREATED, an OOPS in the research world TO HIRING PRIVATE DUTY HOME CARE WORKERS: Why Work through an Agency? (PROvocative to be certain)

Be sure to read articles in the Noteworthy News about ORAL HYGIENE stopping bacteria build up and oral consumption and  the poopy subject of CONSTIPATION; just when we thought that constipation was a Parkinson’s symptom, maybe not.

Thank you for remembering we need your donations. Summer, the slowest time for revenue generation, is almost over.

Please continue using the mailing address: 74-478 Highway 111, No. 102, Palm Desert, CA 92260 when making snail mail donations or make donations on line through our secure Website

Until next month we hope you safely celebrate Labor Day, Patriot Day, the beginning of Autumn, my Birthday and Rosh Hashanah. CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!

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