vetsby Kerry Goss-Ramos, Owner, Senior Helpers® of the Desert.

Are you a veteran in need of In-Home Assistant Services? Many U.S. veterans don’t know about their benefit programs or how they can qualify.

Under the “Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit,” the Veterans Administration offers assistance to qualified United States veterans and their spouses to help pay for long-term elder care services. Senior Helpers of the Desert are experts in the senior care industry and understand the needs of veterans. The Veterans Administration offers Aid and Attendance as part of an “Improved Pension” Benefit that is largely unknown.

This Improved Pension allows for veterans and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in eating, bathing, dressing, undressing, medication dosing, or taking care of the needs of nature to receive additional monetary benefits. It also includes individuals who are a patient in a nursing home because of mental or physical incapacity. Assisted care in an assisted living facility also qualifies.

This most important benefit is overlooked by many families with veterans or surviving spouses who need additional monies to help care for ailing parents or loved ones. This is a “Pension Benefit” and is not dependent upon service-related injuries for compensation. Aid and Attendance can help pay for care in the home, nursing home or assisted living facility. In 2013 a veteran is eligible for up to $1,732 per month, while a surviving spouse is eligible for up to $1,113 per month. A veteran with a spouse is eligible for up to $2,054 per month and a veteran with a sick spouse is eligible for up to $1,360 per month. To get further and current information visit

Many families overlook the Aid & Attendance Pension as it pertains to veterans who are still independent, but have an ill spouse. Keep in mind that in this situation, if the spouse’s medical expenses completely deplete their combined monthly income, the Veteran can file as a Veteran with a sick spouse.

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is considered to be the third tier of the VA’s Improved Pension. The other two tiers are known as “Basic” and “Housebound”. Each tier has its own level of benefits and qualifications. The Improved Pension is not a new benefit, and has in fact been an entitlement for 60 plus years sitting idle while millions have and still are missing out on it.

It may be advantageous to work with an in-home care agency that partners with professional assistance organizations who specialize in helping veterans and their families navigate through the complex application process. While the assistance organization helps you start your application, the agency can provide the in-home quality senior care you deserve.

Many in-home service agencies have companion care services which include assisting with everyday living activities such as shopping, housekeeping, and transportation. Personal care services can make life more manageable by helping with more intimate care needs such as personal hygiene and health monitoring. The care team should focus on creating a positive environment for the clients and their families.

Personalized daily plans should be customized and designed to preserve independence and freedom, while allowing you to remain in the comfort of your home. As experts in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, use of our Senior Gems program employs a positive approach to care that focuses on what clients can do, instead of what they can’t.

When interviewing in-home care agencies, look for one that works with professional assistance organizations to make sure that veterans and their spouses receive the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible.

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