Happy Birthday Jo Rosen

Birthday Wishes for Jo!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday –
You deserve it!
All the Happiness,
Kayla Kantrowitz

Happy Happy Birthday, Jo!
Much Love,
Family Macht

Happy Happy Birthday Jo!
Keep up the great work,
Paul & Alice Blume

I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
You are a gift to the Parkinson’s Community.
Sylvia Soos

Don’t think of it as another birthday – think of it as the anniversary of the day we were graced with your presence! What a giving, inspiring presence that is! It’s a privilege to be your friend.
Wishing you many more years and good health.
Eva & Wayne Myers – Nutritional Health Consultant

Happy Birthday Jo! 
Ron & Cyndi Gengler

The community of people living with Parkinson’s is so fortunate to have access to the Parkinson’s Resource Organization meetings, website, and links where they can learn about a variety of products and therapies and support outside the ones they might learn about through more conventional sources. Jo Rosen deserves honors for her dedication to this mission which she has undertaken out of love and understanding for all who suffer from Parkinson’s.
Bryan and Katy Flamm – Sea-Change

Happy Birthday Jo!
Thank you for all the good work that you do for the people suffering from Parkinson’s.
The Staff at Medi-Cal Consulting Services

This donation is to honor you, and you alone, for the great selfless work you do for others. Happy Birthday!!
With love & admiration,
Maria McCulla

Happy Birthday from the KeslersHappy Birthday, Jo!
And thank you for all you do for PD patients
and those who love them.
Kent & Susan Kesler

Sending birthday roses to Jo!
Dr George Altuzarra, DDS and Staff
in Indian Wells, CA

Happy Birthday Jo!
We’ll celebrate when you get back from Montreal.
Linda Shanedling

So proud of you, you’re the best!
Much Love,
Stevie Goetz

Congratulations and thank you so very much for all of your support, energy, compassion and grace.
You are such an inspiration!
Kitty McCoy

Thank you Jo – you are a wonderful person & I love you!
You give me hope.
Love you forever,
Pam Gara

Happy Birthday & Many More!
from Ruth Zarider

Happy Birthday from Claudette Choquette
Dear Jo,
May this birthday be one of your favorites to remember
with good memories, love and good friends…
Have a great year ahead to celebrate it!

Bless you!!
Claudette Choquette


I have had the pleasure of working with Jo Rosen for more than a decade. As a professional I admire her integrity and diligence beyond measure. As a friend, she has become one of my dearest. There is NO ONE more committed to those with Parkinson’s: selfless, tireless and “always” acting with joy in her heart and a warm caring attitude. We all should be so fortunate to have a champion of her caliber in our corner at our time of need!

Lynn Hawks, Online Media Pros

Happy Birthday Jo! Thank you for your incredible dedication.
Much Love, 
Pat & David Dunay

Dear Jo,
Many happy returns of the day.
And a great year ahead for you and the organization for which you work so hard!
Deanna Carnick LCSW, Volunteer

Happy Birthday Jo!
Doina Farcas
CEO / Owner at Highland Luxury Home, Inc. Assisted Living Facility

Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
Pete and I really appreciate all the work that you do.
Betsy & Pete Muenyong

From all of us at Leeds and Son,
Wishing you a very special birthday, Jo!
Anne-marie Roter

Happy Birthday from Grace PowellDear Jo,
Sending special thoughts on your birthday and always!

Have a great birthday — and many more!!
Loads of Love,
Grace Powell


Happy Birthday Jo! Thank you for all you do for Parkinson’s research.
Diane & Joe Allweiler

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more!
Irene Motta

Dear Jo,
You have made a great difference in my life and directed my energy in the right direction. I shall not forget the help and advice you offered personally and professionally in dealing with PD. May you have a great birthday and may you be blessed with health and wealth and the warmth of love.
Doug & Diane Bennett

In memory of Doris BucklesHappy Birthday Jo!
Thank you for all of your hard work …in memory of my wife, Doris.
Ron Buckles

Happy Birthday Jo,
Your hard work and dedication is truly inspiring.
Keep up the good work and hope you have the best birthday ever!
Yours Truly,
Priscilla Moya, Volunteer

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes!
Phil & Ginger Stevens

With all of your tireless work, I hope you’re able to find time for yourself on this wonderful day to celebrate 65 great years. Here’s to 65 more!!
Your Devoted Apprentice,
John Fotheringham

Happy Happy Birthday Jo!
Irene & Ray Carroll

You have done so much good for so many afflicted people and the caregivers and we all appreciate it.
Hope you have the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ever!
Ted & Carol Sobota

Happy Birthday from Celeste Stoddard
Happy Birthday Jo!
Hope your birthday is every flavor of fabulous!

Celeste Stoddard


Hi Jo! Just this note to acknowledge the good you do and the good person you are.
It’s always a pleasure to be reminded I once knew this gracious lady.
Bill E.

Congratulations on your 65th Birthday and for the amazing impact you have made on the Parkinson’s world. Over the years you have touched thousand of people through the services provided by Parkinson’s Resource Organization. These services have made a positive impact on the lives of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, their family and caregivers.
Thanks for being our hero!
David Peet, PRO’s Wellness Village Development Director

Happy Birthday Jo!
Barbara & Richard Hester

Happy Birthday!! May you enjoy many more fruitful years. Thank you for your efforts for research into a cure.
In memory of Russell Peterson,
Lois Hopkins

Happy Birthday!
Maryam Bakhtiyari DDS and Staff
in Manhattan Beach, CA

Happy Birthday from Caroline & Larry Tastad

Although you lead a busy life, you still find time to share by reaching out to others with joy and love to spare… The way you make a difference in every life you touch, makes you a special sister who will always mean so much.

Love you,
Caroline & Larry Tastad

Happy Birthday! I couldn’t send flowers but I thought of you!
Kent Snyder

Happy Birthday Jo! We’ll celebrate when you get back from Montreal!
Linda Shanedling

Thank you for your work in behalf of PD.
Dr Ruthanna Metzgar
President, Songshine Foundation

Our Dearest Jo,
You’re a very special person who has made a beautiful difference in a lot of lives — including ours. We believe in your great cause and vision.
Much Love,
Danny & Sandra Maningo

Happy Birthday from Kay & Jim Sobota

You are the kind of person who brings a sense
of joy and happiness to everything.
May your birthday be bright and happy!
With Love,
Kay & Jim Sobota

Hope this birthday will be your best!
MaryKay Berlier

I want to say Happy Birthday to Jo Rosen! My Mom has PSP.
Jeffrey Cohen

Happy Birthday Jo!
In honor of Don Ovall,
Dian Dewyer

Happy Birthday from Martha & Jon Hanson
Dear Jo,
On your birthday, may you feel as loved as you are!
Thanks for all you do!!

Love You,
Martha & Jon Hanson

Happy Birthday Jo!
In remembrance of Judge Walter Smith,
Shirley Smith

Happy Birthday Jo and many more!
Barb Walker

Happy Birthday!
In memory of my dad, Chuck Dent,
Cheryl Dent

Happy Birthday Jo!
William R. Remery – Attorney-at-Law

Happy Birthday Jo!
Thank you for all you have done for the Parkinson’s world. Words cannot express how much you have contributed to others in need of help. You are truly an amazing person.
God bless you,
Richard & Leah Pozil

Happy Birthday!
In loving memory of my husband Michael Alan Coy,
Margaret M Coy

Happy Birthday and wishes for much success!
Lynn & Ron Johnson

Happy Birthday!
Suzi & Davd Etheridge

In memory of Nellie McInnisThis is in honor of Mrs. Rosen. My mother, Nellie, has been deceased for seven years. She did love Mrs. Rosen because she was so loving for the patients, and did all she could for them.
Thank you, Esdale McInnis

Happy Birthday Jo!
Best wishes to you & thank you for your selfless dedication to PRO and the fight to find a cure for Parkinson’s.
In remembrance of Alan Rosen,
Marji & Becky Thomas

Happy Birthday Jo!
In loving memory of Dora Mattson,
Joan, Frank & Dennis Lopez

I’ll always remember how kind you were to Hal and me (plus everyone else).
You and your work is always in my heart.
Jean Dale

Go Jo!
Thank you for heading up PRO for all these years.
Helen Brown

Happy Birthday Jo!
In loving memory of Janice Gottlieb
Harold & Mike Gottlieb

Happy Birthday Jo!
Peggy Sexton

Happy Birthday, Jo!
Sharon King & Curt Steindler

Happy Birthday, Jo!!!
Sue Keane

Happy Birthday, Jo!
In remembrance of Elina Ostern,
Heidi Crooks

We love you,
Betty & Jim Kopley

Happy Birthday, Jo!
In remembrance of my husband, Frank,
Emma Kowalski

Happy Birthday, Jo!
I’ve only been with PRO a short time, but I know that you put 110% of yourself into your work for the Parkinson’s community.
Kelly Taylor, Your Executive Assistant

Happy Birthday!
In honor of my husband, John Miller,
Nancy Miller

Happy Birthday, Jo!
In memory of my father, Walter Smith,
Kim & David Fix

auen foundation

Because of the fine work done by Parkinson’s Resource Organization, the Auen Foundation would like to make this $3,000 grant to your Organization.  The grant funds are unrestricted and can be used for your general operating purposes to meet your current needs.  We wish you outstanding success in all of your endeavors.  Happy Birthday!

Also sending their Birthday Wishes to Jo:

Dave & Sally Steenbergen
Dr. Alan Ryave
Irwin & Carol Rosenstein
Ana Lorenz
Judith Clark
Paul & Judie Finwall
Cheryl Epstein
Audrey & Peter Warshawsky
Barbara Marquis
Jack & Nancy Galloway
John Perl, Volunteer
Debora Stein
Darlene Fogel
Leland Berliner
Douglas & Lynn Taylor
Lois Jackman
Hansena Swanson
Joyce Schubert
Roger Stechschulte
Dale & Jacqueline Steichen
Karl Hoff
Joe & Anneke Mason
Phyllis & Leonard Rudolph
Pat & Warren Gilmore
Jim & Terry Wood
Dottie Martin
Kara Schmidt, Volunteer
Jill Cohen
Liz Kane
Brenda & Robert Langford
Melinda & Mike Thomas
Bill Oberholzer
Pat & Phil Hoover
Muriel Kreeger
Sylvia Rubin
William & Ria Helton-Rehburg
Sheila Heffernan, Volunteer
Ralph & Bettye Woodworth
Bill & Meredith Patton
Robert & Linda Shapiro
Jerry Delott
Phyllis & John Attila
Shirley Block
Nancy Holbrook
Catherine Buckingham
Mary Davenport
David & Jenny Shlemmer
Elaine Schenirer
Carol & Mark Moorman
Brig Gen Albert & Melina Kaehn
Kevin & Mary Nichols
Oliver McCooey
Lou & Joanne Reisman
Trudy Edwards
David & Diane Gabay
Sharon & Bob Keith
Diane & Tim Roark
Guy & Evelyn Welker
Eva & Hortz Wolfram
Joy Elliott
Nan Abraham
Penny Litz
Penny Adams
John Humphreys
Lauren Gillen
Dianne Lyrokoson
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Bobby Joyner
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Jenifer Daniels
Danny Brownie Lumby
Jere Ring
Dystonie Wi Rhein-Main
Paul Hietter
Kenda Davis Blount
Elena & Josh Pineda
Evan Gillen
Lainee Lilienthal Carman
Rick Peterson
Aleesa Bansmer McCarthy
Janet Newcomb
Rebecca Young
Buddy Liberman
Allison Smith-Conway
Michael & Angie Budin Family
Marci Lacy
Rhonda Emhof Foulds
Sharron Stroud
Brian Harnik
Robin Black
Dan & Jody John Family
Jeanette Jacobson
Cassie Ferrier
Joanne Demers
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Dan Mcgrath
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Linda Evans
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Catherine Marks
Andrea & Richard Berger
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LuAnn Hermann Wilslef
Carol Shockley
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Teresa Gillen
Jan Clifton Watford
Mark A Orozco
Carol Magness
Michael Curtis Blackwell
Sue Ownbey-Menaker
Ram S. Bhatt, PhD
Anna Cartier, PhD
Daniel & Jacquelyn Cathcart
Daniel & Jacquelyn Cathcart
Sherryl Klingelhofer
Brad Kearby
Greg & Ellen Hull
Barbara Smith
Donald & Dianne Stevens
Marcia Milkis
Bob Edmonds
Jim Peeples
Richard & Dawn Luzzi
Irwin Title, O.D.
David Peet
James Hallead
Auen Foundation
Don & Dianne Stevens

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