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Caregiving with Grace

By Dr. Grace L. Powell

This book, written by a doctor who became a Caregiver (as opposed to a Caretaker), points out the various reasons for becoming a Caregiver and the pressures and responsibilities associated with taking on that responsibility.  She also points out the way many people get thrown into this responsibility knowing nothing about the duties required or how long the effort will last.  In addition, she speaks about the inevitable decision regarding placement of the cared-for in an assisted living facility due to the condition of the cared-for and/or the ability of the Caregiver to effectively perform the duties required.

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But I Can Still Dance

By Carleen Breskin Clarke


But I Can Still Dance will teach you to have fun and have a life worth living as you care for your Parkinson’s patient.  It describes issues such as loneliness, sex problems, money problems, guilt and feelings of entrapment in a way to which caregivers can relate.  Upon completion of reading But I Can Still dance, you will have learned to live a more positive and quality filled life that will allow you to appreciate the gift of giving.

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Care for the Caretaker

By Henny Backus

A book written by Henny Backus, actress and wife of actor Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo, Gilligan’s Island, and Rebel Without a Cause) who cared for him during the 10 year duration of his Parkinson’s fight.  Her writing style combines humor, education, and her personal experiences in dealing with her husband’s disease.  A must read for anyone who may have to deal with an ill or aging spouse or family member.

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Parkinson’s Disease and Me

By Patricia Lightner


Parkinson’s Disease and Me is an account of a woman diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and her ability to mentally accept and deal with that diagnosis.  The book describes how she progressed from hiding the diagnosis from family, employer, and friends to becoming an advocate for finding a cure and developing better methods of treatment for people with PD.  During this progression, Patricia details the difficulties and struggles she overcame while maintaining a positive attitude as she dealt with her employer, lawyers, and filing for long term disability claims.  Hopefully readers will benefit from reading this book and become advocates for finding a cure for PD.

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A Tail of Two Cats

By Patricia Lightner


A Tail of Two Cats is a tale of two cats written by the two cats who lived with the author after she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  The biographical stories depict how living with a person with PD can be beneficial to both the cats (or any pet) and owner by giving each something or someone to relate to and comfort when needed.

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