Parkinson’s Resource Organization Memorial Wall

Creating a Virtual Legacy for Someone you loved

The Parkinson’s Resource Organization Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring those who lost their battle with Parkinson’s disease. Over the years, Parkinson’s Resource Organization, at the requests of families and friends, has been asked to create this special way of honoring their loved one, and to design a place for healing of those who were left behind.

Speaking for all of us at Parkinson’s Resource Organization, please accept our deepest condolences for the loss a loved one, a friend or colleague, or simply another person affected by Parkinson’s. We know it is a cruel disease that has no cure. Let the Parkinson’s Resource Organization Memorial Wall give you solace that others care and remember too.

The purpose of the Parkinson’s Resource Organization Memorial Wall is to create:
→ A virtual place to hold the memory of someone who lived with Parkinson’s and/or their family members.
→ A virtual place where other families who were touched by Parkinson’s are also memorialized.
→ A virtual place that holds the memory of others who suffered from the same or similar conditions are also remembered.
→ A virtual place where family and friends can grieve and heal from the loss of someone they now can only remember.
→ A virtual means of publicizing the passing to a greater number of people than can otherwise be accomplished through a tangible publication.
→ An actual acknowledgment and thank you, to those who have made a donation and posted sentiments in memory of someone’s loved one.
→ To create a virtual place for the living of a loved one who battled with Parkinson’s, or a similar disease, to visit and gain solace and understanding.
→ To create actual events that continue the legacy and name of the honoree/decedent/family in a public fashion, such as a golf, or other sport tournament or event, special award presentations in the name of the family/decedent, etc.


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