Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home? - PRO newsletter Sept 2013Elder Law Attorneys Provide Guidance on Strengths and Weaknesses of Each

As loved ones grow older and their daily needs change, many individuals are faced with the great debate: assisted living facility or nursing home? As the recent PBS Frontline story, Life and Death in Assisted Living, demonstrated making the right decision can be complicated. Among the important factors are the costs, possible need for supervision, medical conditions that require regular monitoring and medication, transportation, and meals.

Elder Law attorneys can help families make an informed choice, taking into account the elderly person’s needs and explaining the differences between an assisted living facility and nursing home.

“In addition to helping families understand the differences between these two long-term care options, NAELA members can help navigate the admissions agreement they’ll be required to sign. Objectionable language can be included as part of these lengthy agreements and it’s important to review them thoroughly,” said NAELA President Howard S. Krooks, CELA, CAP.

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