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Easy Speech Communication Center is proud to offer the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, LSVT LOUD® therapy.

static1.squarespaceThe LSVT LOUD program is designed to increase vocal quality and volume for individuals with Parkinson disease (PD). This treatment program is research based and has been studied for maximal effectiveness for over 20 years. Research has shown that PD patients maintained results after treatment, additionally; further results have been reported in the areas of “disordered articulation, diminished facial expression and impaired swallowing. Additionally, two brain-imaging studies have documented evidence of positive changes in the brain following administration of the therapy.  (lsvtglobal, n.d.). Vocal drill exercises are given to the patient during treatment sessions.

The LSVT LOUD program is a specific frequency program, in which patients receive LSVT LOUD speech therapy for 16 sessions in one month (4 individual 60 minute sessions per week). The frequency schedule is designed by motor learning theories as well as time needed to create change patterns in the brain. Patients learn how to calibrate their voice and identify the necessary modifications needed in order to sustain LSVT LOUD quality post therapy. The result is a healthy vocal loudness without strain.

LSVT LOUD is also appropriate to use with sub-types of PD (Shy-Drager syndrome, multi-system atrophy and progressive supranuclear palsy), and is most effective in early or middle stages of PD. Additional applications of LSVT LOUD include stroke, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy with positive outcomes.

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LSVT LOUD therapist Lucy Sanchez is a certified and licensed bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist. She is a founder of Striving for Speech, as well as Easy Speech Pathology. Lucy earned her Master’s from the University of Redlands and has seven years of clinical hands-on experience working with children and adults. Before moving to the Coachella Valley, she completed internships with Loma Linda University Medical Center. Voice therapy is an area of passion for Lucy; she empowers her patients to work hard to reach their vocal quality goals while practicing safe vocal techniques.

Lucy Sanchez, M.S. CCC-SLP

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About Jo Rosen

Jo Rosen is Founder and President of Parkinson's Resource Organization. Headquartered in Palm Desert California. Jo has been dedicated to helping those with Parkinson's for more than 27 years. As a speaker, advocate and educator to those with Parkinson's, their caregivers, families and friends, Ms. Rosens mission is to encourage Ultimate Quality of Life for everyone on the Parkinsons Journey and to see the cure for Parkinson's come to fruition.