Urinary Incontinence often forces men to use adult diapers. Adult diapers can be inconvenient, embarrassing and difficult for you and your caregiver. Men who have found GeeWhiz® to be a great alternative Incontinence Product are those who are hoping for more freedom for themselves and their caregivers. If you are looking to move away from all of the challenges of adult diapers, such as, embarrassing odor, tell-tell bulging and frequent changes, the GeeWhiz® just may be your ideal Incontinence Product. GeeWhiz® has a high satisfaction rating by the patients and as important, their caregivers. Leading Edge Innovations has dedicated itself to producing this product so that you can have the freedom you want and your caregivers have it easier.

Paul Dwork, Pharm.D.

Paul Dwork
As a Pharmacist and Co-Inventor of the GeeWhiz® Male incontinence device, Dr. Dwork  has  solved the many issues and problems associated with the current male urine collection devices on the market. Through listening to consumer’s concerns, and the willingness to make changes and improvements, upon their suggestions, he believes he has the best product for male incontinence on the market. 100% Silicone Patented & Patent Pending Technology for a “leak proof” seal

No glue or skin adhesives required. Does not stick to skin or hair. The GeeWhiz® is easy to apply — by one’s self or your caregiver

  •         It’s also easy to remove
  •         It features a quick connect and disconnect for use at day or night
  •         It has a leak proof Silicone seal so you can rest assured
  •         Cannot accidentally be removed

Works on both circumsized and non circumsized males (application method differs)

The failure rate of other products for Male Urinary Incontinence is quite high. Some studies report failure rates with other male incontinence products to be as high as 93%. This dismal result forces many patients to once again resort to diapers. If you are looking for a product that really works to manage your urinary incontinence and bladder control problems, the GeeWhiz® is the incontinence product of choice. The only qualification is to have 1″ of shaft length behind the head of the penis.

The GeeWhiz® won the 2008 Medical Design Excellence Award, and has been recognized as a major advancement in the male urinary incontinence products available. Additionally, the GeeWhiz® was awarded the Moving America Forward Award, which was presented on National TV by William Shatner, and Ret. Admiral Kevin Delaney, in August of 2012. This prestigious recognition is just another example of how the GeeWhiz®  is recognized.


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