Health Aides Made Easy is an E-commerce business that originated as a family-owned business in 2015 by Robert and Nancy Schlesinger.


Robert retired from a career on Wall Street and Nancy, before her retirement, was a partner in a fashion jewelry company. After a few years of retirement both wanted to get “on purpose” with a business that was meaningful to them and helpful to others.

They spent months researching to find the right business; a business that interested them both and one they could do together. Several ideas started appearing that dealt with fashionable “adaptive clothing.” Neither of them had heard of “adaptive wear.” The more they researched, the more convinced they became that this was their new business. Within several months after their epiphany, they launched HEALTH AIDES MADE EASY.

Because of their own experience, they were not surprised at how many friends and family members had not heard of adaptive wear; even friends who had need of special clothing.


It became the Schlesinger’s mission to find the best and most innovative adaptive clothing in the marketplace.  They knew it was important to reach out to the differently-abled community and let them know that there is fashionable and functional clothing designed for them, clothing that can takes the stress out of getting dressed, while at the same time makes them look good.
A person with Parkinson’s disease, for example, would appreciate pull on pants with no buttons or zippers. There are shirts with magnetic and Velcro closures that take the struggle out of putting on a shirt. There are many more garments, all designed to help a differently-abled person deal with the daily practice of getting dressed.


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