Kim Hartz, LMT, Certified WABA Watsu® Professional

Kim Hartz JpegKim, grew up swimming in the family pool – the beginning of her love of water. In 1994 Kim moved to the desert and her first volunteer work was at La Quinta Senior Center providing massage and reflexology. She also worked at Joslyn Senior Center; after 20 years, she still works on some of those seniors. Her father, 84, has had three back surgeries and has constant sciatic pain. He receives Kim’s aquatic bodywork therapy and says it is the only thing that helps relieve the pain.

In 1995, Kim started working at Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa as a massage therapist. In 2000, she pursued her passion with water and became a Certified WABA Watsu® Practitioner, and in 2009 a Watsu® Instructor. In 2012, she joined the Wave Academy, a not-for-profit organization providing Watsu® for Veterans with PTSD and their Caregivers. After 20 years at Two Bunch Palms, Kim felt the desire to help more people, and she left to work with seniors, children, Veterans, and people with special needs.


She loves giving sessions, workshops and retreats teaching or providing Watsu®, AquaReflexology, AquaYoga, Qigong and Massage. Kim feels teaching aqua/bodywork tools gives people the Choice and Power to help family & themselves. Whether a Session, Workshop or Retreat, she shares knowledge with laughter, guiding clients in exploration of therapy and themselves. Kim believes bodywork is essential for the well-being of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self – the “somatic” body – the best vacation is an “edu-cation“.

Watsu® (Aquatic Therapy) is given in a 94°F warm pool or Jacuzzi, and combines most all bodywork; e.g., Thai, Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral, etc. In water, the spine moves freely as the body is suspended in gravity, enhancing the benefits of applied bodywork. The relaxation of tension in the spine and musculature improves tone and functioning of the body and organs, reducing anxiety. Aquatic Therapy relieves acute pain, enhances blood and lymphatic flow, activates neuro-pathways for healing, and decompresses the spine and joints; inducing relaxation, improving Sleep and Energy. Aquatic Therapy relieves chronic pain due to Neurological issues such as Parkinson’s, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, and Stroke – Alleviates Trauma Symptoms.

Kim has certifications in Massage Therapy, Watsu® 1 & 2 Instructor, Sports Massage, Shiatsu I, Reiki Master, Jahara, Waterdance, Medical Qigong, AquaSoma, Healing Dance I, Traditional Thai, CranioSacral Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Reflexology, Aqua-Reflexology, Aromatherapy I & II, and LaStone Massage

Kim L. Hartz, LMT, WABA

P.O. BOX 334, LA QUINTA, CA 92247
CA State License #25130,

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