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Are you tired of dealing with the side effects from Parkinson’s Disease?  Are you suffering from bradykinesia (slow movement), freezing, shuffling, and difficulty starting movements?  For people with Parkinson’s, it’s common to see short, shuffling steps, trouble standing from a chair, blank faces.  Unfortunately, over time, this begins to feel natural to someone with Parkinson’s.  But it doesn’t have to be!  The LSVT® BIG program restores larger movements and provides a sense of “normal” activities.

New Beginning Physical Therapy, Inc. is proud to be the only company in the Coachella Valley offering the LSVT® BIG program!  The focus of the BIG program is to promote a wide range of large, exaggerated movements.  The program is research-based and is shown to help people maintain the gains made in their mobility for at least 6 months after program completion.


This program is facilitated by licensed physical therapists who have completed the LSVT® BIG certification.  We come to your residence to perform each session in a one-on-one home setting.  The BIG program consists of the following:

  • Evaluation (approximately 90 minutes), including standardized testing for balance and mobility
  • 16 sessions, 4 times per week for 4 weeks
  • Post program completion testing (repeat of standardized testing)
  • 3 and 6 month follow up sessions

The LSVT® BIG program has 7 specific daily exercises which are done with the therapist, as well as on your own.  After these exercises are completed, we practice additional functional tasks that are focused on things which are difficult for you, such as getting in and out of bed, putting groceries away, etc.  Together, we help you overcome these problems.

So what are the benefits to having this therapy done in your home? 

  • No travel – we come to you
  • We quickly determine what physical and mental tasks are appropriate for you
  • Practice is done in familiar surroundings  – your furniture …your living space
  • Sessions are individualized, customized, and enjoyable to meet your needs and surroundings
  • We know your home setup so we solve problems and give recommendations if something becomes difficult

Stacy Hennis, owner and founder of New Beginning Physical Therapy, states:  “I love doing this program because we get such tremendous results.  People move better.  They feel better.  There is less fear of falling.  It’s so rewarding to see people be able to resume activities that they’d stopped doing because of fear or difficulty moving.”  Our experienced staff has years of experience and we all love what we do.  Our goal is “…provide quality in-home care and consistently go the extra mile.”

Dixie Brubaker, PT, echoes Stacy’s feelings when she says … “I’m very excited about doing the LSVT BIG protocol in a home care setting.  Home care is always special to me.  When I teach someone to get in and out of bed, it’s the bed they actually use.  By using the in-home LSVT® BIG program, numerous small changes in the patient’s approach to movement translate to multiple improvements in small but very essential areas.  Because the patient learns a new approach to movement, there is an increased empowerment in many situations.  It’s truly a joy to see this.”

Please call us at New Beginning Physical Therapy for more information and a personal assessment.   You do not have to continue dealing with the debilitating side effects from Parkinson’s Disease on your own.  Our goal is to increase your QUALITY OF LIFE and ease of movement.


Stacy Hennis, PT, C/NDT
New Beginning Physical Therapy, Inc.

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