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The list of symptoms for Parkinson’s disease can be overwhelming; tremors, rigidity, stooped posture, shuffling gait, balance and voice problems, swallowing issues and the inability to move. At Innergy Therapy Systems each individual’s concerns are addressed in one to one, customized treatment sessions.

“My movements had been getting stiffer and more robotic. By then I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give (Innergy) a try. After the demonstration, I feel less stiff and more fluid in my movements. My arms had a wider range of movement and my legs are less stiff.” – a Parkinson’s client

Innergy Therapy Systems was established by Renee Gauthier, RPT, MPH, Certified Aromatherapist, in 2001. A practicing Physical Therapist for more than 30 years, she offers her clients a multifaceted approach to wellness. Ms. Gauthier’s diverse background enables her to design individualized, holistic programs that integrate traditional and alternative healing philosophies to help her clients obtain and maintain wellness.

She has worked closely with Parkinson’s clients over the past 13 years. Clients who were recently diagnosed and those who have had Parkinson’s disease for many years have benefited from an individualized, multisystem approach in treatment. Posture, flexibility, strength, balance and movement are combined in treatment sessions and homework exercises depending on the client’s needs and priorities. Treatment plans are a collaboration. Sessions can be conducted in the client’s home or at the Innergy Therapy Systems office in Covina, Ca.

Since each therapy program is tailored to the client’s present challenges, benefits can be obtained in pain relief, movement, balance, posture, flexibility and strength. There are multiple avenues to affect change in our bodies and ITS uses that to assist Parkinson’s patients to achieve those goals.


Renee Gauthier, RPT, MPH
Innergy Therapy Systems

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