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Bryan and Katherine Flamm have worked in the field of alternative healing for over 30 years. Bryan, a licensed laboratory technologist, MT (ASCP) and D.O.M. (doctor of oriental medicine) and Katherine, a clinical nutritionist, M.S., CNS have decades of experience through their wellness practices and their retail stores and online supplement business they have operated together for 29 years.

One of their passions is to understand and educate others on products that can improve health in the most natural and safest of ways.  When Katy’s sister was diagnosed with Parkinson’s they took it upon themselves to seek out an effective product that could support healing naturally and safely.  One of the recurring jokes Katy and Bryan shared in their decades of working with thousands of nutritional products was – wouldn’t it be great to find just one product that would help everyone.  To their amazement they have found such a product.   The product they learned about was the result of new discoveries in the field of molecular biology – discoveries that have changed the way scientists understand how the cells of our body function.


This new knowledge led a biotech company to undertake extensive research over 17 years to recreate the molecules essential to cellular health in a liquid supplement form, which has the ability to repair and maintain the health of all cells.   The supplement that came out of this research is groundbreaking, akin to the creation of penicillin or the understanding of how DNA works.  Sometimes such a breakthrough arouses disbelief – so they have dedicated themselves to explain how the impossible became possible and to introduce others to this amazing new mode of healing.

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Bryan Flamm

Katherine Flamm


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