The Assistance Fund partners with AdviCare - PRO newsletter Sept 2013THE ASSISTANCE FUND, INC. Proud to Partner With AdviCare
What is AdviCare? They are a healthcare consumer assistance provider focused on the business side of healthcare. We help consumers navigate the complexities of the health insurance system and empower them through education of their rights under the law. Our teams of clinical, legal, and billing/coding professionals work on behalf of the consumer to ensure that they are not paying more than they are obligated to for their healthcare.

AdviCare’s services include, but are not limited to: • Benefit Plan Review • Medical Billing Audit/Review • Appeal Preparation.
They offer two programs to consumers:
Empowerment Plus Program: This pay-as-you go plan is designed for people who may not have a lot of health insurance claims or expenses but who are facing a complicated issue and would benefit from industry expertise. During the free initial consultation, the AdviCare Navigator will explain to the consumer what is involved in resolving the issue and the estimated amount of time it will take to address that issue.
Concierge Program: This annual plan is designed for people who have a lot of medical bills and health insurance issues or people who just don’t want to deal with the billing and claim frustrations. The AdviCare Navigator will take care of the paperwork for the consumer. We focus on the administrative tasks (“headaches”) associated with healthcare and health insurance, so the consumer can focus on getting well.

To learn more about The Assistance Fund, visit our WELLNESS VILLAGE under the category of Financial Assistance to find out about services they provide.

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