Please click below for an interactive calendar showing all PRO Support Groups which include meetings for Persons with Parkinson’s, caregivers, family members, and Professionals servicing the Parkinson’s Community. We hope to see you soon…





  1. Hi!
    We were very happy to see this new website! We live in Lake Gregory, CA 92325
    We were hoping we might be able to join a support group near to us. I know there is a Support Group in Palm Desert, which is about an hour and a half away. It’s always nice to know that you aren’t the only ones living with PD. Everyone seems to have different symptoms & difficulties & we know that’s very normal. We want to educate ourselves as much as we possibly can with Living with PD. One question we have to ask is: Does anyone else suffer from toes cramping? It’s nice to be able to find a Blog like this! Thank You!

  2. Debbie Sagan says:

    I am newly diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease and live in Miami, Florida. Can you recommend support groups for persons with Parkinson Disease and their spouses in the Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 area or Miami, FL proper.
    Debbie Sagan

  3. Can you recommend any support groups for patients and care givers in the Sterling Heights, MI area or near zip code 48313?
    Lorena Ferrari Meza

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for all you are doing for PWP and especially getting the word out regarding the TMJD connection. I have had an appliance for about 3 weeks now. The changes are very subtle. I am interested in hearing from others who have undergone the same treatment or those who are further along in the treatment than I. I have been unable to find any information on your blog/forums. The web site has changed recently, so I am hopeful that this is still under construction and will be more user friendly in the future. Thanks so much.


    • Thank you for your communication Thea. We are so happy you have found us! Yes, the PRO website is brand new with lots of opportunity to grow a helpful, supportive community. We encourage you to continue to post your questions and comments, and we will share as much as we possibly can. Stay in touch, become a member IT’S FREE! and let us hear about your progress as often as you can. With members like you we can move mountains and help those that truly feel hopeless and helpless.

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