The following comments, letters of appreciation and e-mails of support are shared with the single purpose of expressing our gratitude and love for our many constituents and the Parkinson’s Community at large. We cannot thank you enough for your time and support and wish each and every one of you Gods speed, Joy and a heart filled with love.





I just read the very informative article on Hospice Care myths with great interest. I recently put my mom on Hospice Care, not because she is dying but because I did not want her to be rushed to the hospital from her assisted living facility unless it was really necessary, and Hospice can prevent this.

When Hospice was first suggested to me I recoiled at the idea as many people do. But then I learned more about it & decided it was a good thing. Another benefit is that Hospice (via Medicare) delivers and pays for supplies (diapers, wipes, gloves, etc.) and this can be very helpful.

My mom has been losing more of her physical & cognitive abilities the last few months since she had a short (& unnecessary in my opinion) hospital stay in January after a few falls (she was not hurt). I am planning on moving her to a board & care facility closer to where we live so I can visit her easier & more often & I think she will get better care there. Hopefully this will happen soon. She will be 94 in April.

I’m glad you are informing people about Hospice. As I am learning, it is a wide-spread business, as is caregiving, board & care & assisted living. As more of us live longer we need more services & it seems there is money to be made.
Hope you are doing well, thanks for all your good work!
~ Barbara M

My father faced this disease with dignity and courage. May those of us left behind continue to find answers to light the way for others on the Parkinson’s path.
In loving memory of my father, Herbert M Newman (4-6-2006)
Jeanette V, Davis, CA

Your websites are great resources and are so well done! I work with patients all over Southern California and Las Vegas
Thank you for your dedication and excellence.
Southern Cal

Dearest Jo-

I like the new look of the PRO Newsletter.  Very updated and easy to navigate.  You look great in your video. Nice to hear the voice I know.I am ok. I do not have any work at this time and am working with over 14 recruiters to find the right job for me. I do need to  continue working. Meanwhile I am keeping busy with friends and family.  My week-ends are busy also which I like. No travel plans this year with my focus on my goals.
Be well and continue to great work that you have been doing for so many years now. You are a special person and happy you are in my life.
Love and hugs,
Rockledge, FL


Hi Jo,

Had a very bad year with Joe but think we have him on the mend now.  It was all due to the meds they were giving him.  Almost lost him a couple times but changing Dr’s helped.  Now he is getting some teeth fixed and if that helps his stomach with digesting his food we will be there sometime this month.  When we get there I’ll phone you.
Thanks again for your concern and all you did last year. I read all your news letters and keep up your good work.  Really admire you!
As Always,
Slave Lake, Canada


I am so glad that Marines and Sailors were able to get off the base and come to your home for Christmas.  I clicked on the link that you sent me and I watched the news broadcast, not going to lie it did bring tears to my eyes.  Knowing that I was there last year and you welcomed me into your home, I greatly appreciate all that you do for our service members.  I will keep you posted on when I will be coming to the area for a visit, hopefully very soon.  You are so awesome, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Very Respectfully,
Steve Delsie
United States Navy (retired)

Good Morning Jo!

I think of you often…….YOU are so courageous in your mission to help those suffering with Parkinson’s!!  Personally, I am acutely aware of your two most important people in your life, loss’s due to this tragic illness! You have “soldiered on” against the odds to keep your Foundation alive and out there for so many that seek the information that only YOU provide.
It is HUGE all that you do, Jo……..and I always feel so proud to call you friend!!

God Bless you!!
Laura Palmer (Midway, UT)


I’m very impressed with your new website, I’m very sorry that I do not have enough words to express my admiration for your accomplishment this is wonderful.  Love you and admire you. I wish I can get some of all your energy I not sure why I still too stock on sadness and poor motivation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Nilda. (Van Nuys, CA)

Sounds like the seminar was a terrific event. I was very taken with Cheryl’s report.
Pat – Sherman Oaks, CA

Terrific issue! Glad we were able to participate!
Best regards,
Ron Fatoullah – New York


“It is I who should thank you. I have visited The Parkinson’s Resource Organization Website while writing segments for the American Health Journal. It is a valuable resource. Likewise if I can assist you or your organization it would be my honor”

Rick Campbell, Writer, Reporter, Palm Springs

Dear Jo-

I wish you rest, in your summer sabbatical. You are doing so much for Parkinson’s -I was moved (at the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit) beyond what I can say, by your passionate devotion to this cause-so near and dear to my own heart.
Thank you so much more than I can say Jo–let me know if I can be of any assistance to you,

Deeply moved, Nansy & Rabbit
Winchester, VA


Dear Jo,

Just wanted to express my gratitude for all the work you are doing for people like me with Parkinson’s disease……. This website has given me hope. 

Yours sincerely,  Carla G.


Dear Jo. Thanks for your love and support to so many! In the Newsworthy News Notes there is always an inspirational story or thought to help us all stay connected as we live life together. You share and encourage all of us to share more, love more!  Thanks. Sam 


Dear Jo,
I was glad to receive the newsletter and to know that you are doing great things, as usual, for Parkinsonians.  I am doing well,  It was such a nice visit we had in Palm Desert.  I hope we can do it again.

Love, Judy R
Evanston, IL


Your vision, your dedication, your sacrifice, and your drive to try to get the whole picture is a wonderful contribution to progress for PD patients and their families!
Kathie Arnold

Hi Jo,
Thanks. I downloaded the Matrix and will fill it out this weekend. Peter gets his appliance on Monday morning. I’ll keep track of his progress. I’m so tired of going to Peter’s Neurologist. He doesn’t have anything to offer him except more of the same meds. It’s very discouraging. I think he thinks Peter is doing well since he can still walk into the doctor’s office. He doesn’t see the day to day problems and it doesn’t matter since there is nothing else he can do for him. He always asks if he wants to get DBS surgery for his left tremor. It didn’t work the first time so why would we do it again! I mentioned to him at Peter’s last appointment about the TMJ symposium and how TMJ treatment sometimes helps PD symptoms. He was naturally skeptical and wanted to know if there had been clinical trials. It’s hard to get the medical community to open their minds.
Anyway, thanks again for all that you do! I’ll keep you updated.

Elizabeth M,
Glendora, CA

Good Morning Jo,
Thank you for the notice of the internet radio show today. We will certainly be attending. Pat received his appliance on Monday! Wow! I haven’t seen the tremors change YET, however this is what I have seen. When he holds my hand, I feel my husband holding my hand. There is a manly strength back in his hands, his eyes are circular opposed to be slanted; he is focusing and responding from those beautiful blue eyes. As you know, PD patients battle constipation; he is having black watery bowel movements. To me, this is great! The body is releasing all that has been building up in the colon for quite some time. When the body isn’t full of toxins, it definitely can respond better. He’s still getting up 3-4 times at night to pee. I see this as an adjustment period, detoxifying rapidly and that this will level off. No discomfort associated with wearing his appliance. I noticed immediately how his precious face is actually in a better position, opposed to drooping. No snoring. Yes, standing more erect opposed to the bend at his shoulders and neck. Generally speaking I see Hope and Happiness in his overall attitude, what a fabulous Christmas gift for both of us. Bless your heart and diligence in getting this out to All of Us who seemed to be slipping into isolation and desperation.

With Love and
Kathy and Pat,
Newport Beach, CA


Hi Jo,
Thank you so much for organizing this great event “Ultimate Quality Of Life Symposium” and being just a superb “HOST”!!!!! We had a wonderful time and learned a great deal. Everyone we met was so nice and friendly and excited…..Jo you are making “HISTORY”!!!  It is going to take someone “SPECIAL” like you to bring this info to the public! TMJ
dentists have known this jaw/ health connection for over 70 years. And have brought it up several times but to no avail “Educators are very resistant to change”! But now
with the internet it is going to be harder for them to resist change especially if the “PUBLIC” discovers this TMJ/HEALTH CONNECTION!!!

With warmest regards,
June and Risto Hurme
San Antonio, TX



Congratulations on having a fun and educational weekend. You had a good turnout for the sessions and many people heard the exciting breakthrough in Parkinsons. I
was sitting next to an IW resident on Sunday who told me his parents were there to learn more because one or both suffered from the disease. If it weren’t for you, the weekend would never have happened. If it weren’t for you, PRO wouldn’t exist and the many families you have helped and save would not have benefited. I’d say u have more than two miracles so you are my SAINT! I’ll see what I can find out about assistance from Rotary in the desert. Be well!

Love, Bill O
Torrance, CA


I’m so happy this was such a success; you continue to do great things.

Love, Debbie S
West Los Angeles


Dear Jo,
Please add me to your e-mail list and send me your recent e-mail sent to others in attendance regarding the weekend conference. Congratulations on a wonderful well done and information packed conference. Keep up the good work.

Love, Diane B
Your grand prize winner 2004
Long Beach, CA


This is amazing! We are going to contact Dr. Lisk for my mother. Thank you so much!!!!
Donna T,
Sherman Oaks, CA


Dear Sir / Madam,
I am enquiring with regards to the ‘Ultimate Quality of Life’ Symposium offered breakthrough information to persons with Parkinson’s and others’ course held recently.
We would like to purchase a DVD or course notes if at all possible.

Doctor DH, BDS
London, United Kingdom


I love the testimonials on website. I am a TMJ dentist wanting to know is there a video of the last conference available. THANKS I am very interested.
Doctor LP, DDS
Independence, MO


I am interested in learning about the treatment protocol for Parkinson’s patients.
Doctor RG, BSc DDS
Ontario, Canada


  1. Sam H. (Houston, TX) says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being kind with information for our family when you spoke to my sister, Maribel, in Houston. Blessing to you for the work you do.


    Sam H.

  2. mabendroth says:

    Dear Jo,

    Your organization is important to persons with Parkinson’s disease and their caregiving families. Your dedication is phenomenal. I appreciate your encouragement and support in letting the Parkinson’s community know about my research study of caregivers of persons with Parkinson’s disease. The responses are wonderful.

    Maryann Abendroth Ph.D., RN
    Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

  3. Hi!

    This is so delightful to find your website. I anticipate learning much.
    Mim M

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