ElderCaring and BounceYouBack desert agency serving the Parkinson’s patient

ElderCaring and Bounce You Back pride themselves as being a premier, dedicated desert agency for Parkinson’s clients wishing to stay in the comfort of their own homes.

ElderCaring will provide compassionate and patient caregivers experienced in the special requirements of individuals with Parkinson’s.

Our caregivers ensure the client is safe and well attended to while in their care. As the client progresses through the stages of Parkinson’s, our caregivers will adjust to their ever changing needs.

Bounce You Back, post-surgical and injury recovery care, a division of ElderCaring, also provides recovery specialists in areas such as exercise and range of motion which are critical to maintaining strength and joint flexibility. Our goal is to assure that the family members have peace of mind knowing their loved one will be gently taken care of in their absence.

Barrett Betschart came to the desert four years ago to learn golf, but instantly realized there was a need for a more hands on, personal in-home care agency. Barrett decided to bring ElderCaring, a family owned company founded in 1999 in Washington DC., to the desert.

Barrett and her team of 80+ caregivers and recovery specialists have become highly regarded here in the valley. She and her caregiver coordinator Lisa have set the bar very high to offer the best rate, the best quality care and the most professional attention to your needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing a “911” style phone number for after hour emergencies.

Caring for clients with Parkinson’s is a personal quest for Barrett as she had a father who suffered from this disease. The lack of experienced professional care for her father was the catalyst for her brother, Peter, to start ElderCaring in Washington. We saw it starting to take a toll on my mother as she tried to attend to my fathers’ ever increasing needs. By providing him with expert caregivers, he was able to remain in the comfort of his home with our mother.



ElderCaringpalmsprings.com (760) 564-9800

Bounceyouback.com (760) 282-4782


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  1. I love hearing all of the good news and peace of minds coming from Elder Caring’s work. If you have used the services of Elder Caring, please let the world know about the goodness you received by writing a message here. Thank you so much, the world needs your input.
    Jo Rosen

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