Jo Rosen honored by NAELA for Commintment and Lifelong Dedication to the Parkinsons Community


Washington, D.C. – The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)  is proud to present its 2011 Elder Leadership Award to Jo Rosen, Palm Desert, Calif. Ms Rosen has devoted more than two decades to improving the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease, their caregivers, and their families. NAELA recognizes her significant contribution, and will present the 2011 Elder Leadership Award on November 11, 2011, at the Boston Seaport Hotel during the National Aging and Law Institute  NAELA event  in Boston, Mass.

Ms Rosen is founder and current president of the non-profit Parkinson’s Resource Organization, which provides educational and emotional, group and individual, support to those making the journey through Parkinson’s.

“Through her selfless dedication to this community and her leadership getting volunteers to participate at the grassroots level, Ms Rosen has made a difference to the lives of seniors and others who deal with this debilitating disease,” said NAELA President Edwin Boyer, Esq. “We are pleased to have this opportunity to recognize her achievements with the NAELA Elder Leadership Award.”

Speaking of how she started the Organization, Ms Rosen says, “The concept of the Parkinson’s Resource Organization came about on a plane ride back from a Parkinson’s symposium.” Her mother and then fiancé had both been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. “I was the adult child of a person living with Parkinson’s and I was soon to become the spouse of a person with Parkinson’s. Where was I going to go to discuss my issues and concerns?

This became the mission and the niche of the Parkinson’s Resource Organization.  Advocacy, education, emotional support and respite for those with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.  The WELLNESS VILLAGE brand new resource on the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s website is a user friendly online destination connecting the  Parkinson’s community with professionals who understand  Parkinson’s and who dedicate a portion of their business/practice to the care of the Parkinson’s community.  The NAELA Elder Leadership Award recognizes the recipient’s life and work for the benefit of seniors. The award can also be given to a senior (age 65 or over) who is making significant contributions to society. The Elder Leadership Award includes a monetary contribution in the recipient’s name to a charitable organization with which the award recipient has worked closely.


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Dear Jo,
Congratulations on your award! Continued good luck in the battle against this horrible disease.
Warm Regards,

Congratulations on a well deserved honor.
Be well

Good Job, Jo Rosen! ….and congratulations on an outstanding award.

Hi Jo!
I am looking torward to seeing you at the next meeting.
Doris and Ron Buckles


Dear Jo,

You certainly deserve it. Congratulations.
Diane Garber-Townsend

Congratulations, my friend!
What a well-deserved honor! As always, I’m very proud of you!
Love you much,


Congrats Sweetie
Joey English


Congratulations Jo!

Accredited Nursing


My congratulations Jo,
You deserve this award for the years of
diligence you have given for those suffering with Parkinsons.
Bless you.


Congratulations Jo!
You deserve this for all the excellent work you do!
Be well,


WOW!!  Congratulations!
You sooooooo deserve this!Awesome, awesome, awesome!!
Much love and hugs to you!!


Dear Jo:
Congratulations-You are so very deserving of this honor and we are proud to know you.
The flyer says the recognition will be in Boston, Mass.  Have a wonderful trip.
Sally & Dave


Congratulations!Great work
thank you.
Sandy Bresnahan


What a terrific honor.
Kris Crosson
Project Manager


Congratulations on the recognition of your hard work!
Thanks for sharing the news.


Dear Jorosen,
Congrulations,for the great work.
God is within you,be happy.
With laughter,
Guru Yogi Ramesh{ Founder of Universal and Laughing Yoga}.


Caroline Johnson


Congratulations J……
You deserve all the recognition you get.
Thanks for the message.
Love, Ken & Dolores


There is no one more deserving of this award than you!
Dr V


Congratulations, way to go girl.


Jo —
I can’t imagine anyone deserving this more than you.
Big, big congrats!!!
Lenora Flores


Congratulations Jo on being selected as The Elder Leadership Award winner.
It was meant to be and if you keep doing for others what others cannot do for themselves
then it gets paid forward and eventually benefits the initial doer in unimaginable ways.
Enjoy the sweet fruits of your continuous hard work.
I know we have discussed it in the past but, if you need something please let me know how I can help you get what you need.


Hi Jo —
Congratulations on this wonderful award acknowledging your tireless and significant efforts on behalf of Parkinsonians.
On a personal note, I’ve not yet followed up on contacting those you have referred me to due to assorted events in my own life.
I will, however, make sure to do so by month’s end.
Best regards,
Sharon Oberman (Lillian Land’s daughter)


Congratulations Jo!!!
This is amazing and well deserved!!
Hugs, Françoise


Dear Jo,
Congratulations to a tireless worker who strives to better the lives of so many people.
You earned this award and I am happy for you!


Congratulations, Jo.
For all that you do and have done.
A sweet, happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.
Stephen Macht and Suzanne Macht


Congratulations Jo
A well deserved award and recognition for all your hard work.
Best wishes
David Hefferon


JOB Well done.
Brian Eamer & Family
Malibu CA


Fantastic, and well-deserved!  Not only that,
but the resulting publicity will bring your work with Parkinson’s to a new and wider audience.
Hearty congratulations, Jo.


I’m SOOOO happy for you and so proud of you too. This is wonderful, friend. Congratulations! 
Love YOU


Nice job, Jo.


Congratulations  Jo
Keep up the good work you are doing, people like you make a difference in the quality of other lives.
Alan Perish


Congratulations Jo!
How exciting!
Tricia Allen


Congratulations to you!!!!!
Sent from my iPhone:
Kimberly Hubenette, DDS, MAGD





Congratulations and you certainly deserve it and thanks for all you did for Louanne and I.
Love K


Congratulations and well deserved for all your hard and dedicated work!
All the best,
Edna & John


Congratulations JO… made such a difference in our lives when Mom was diagnosed and living with Parkinson’s.
By the way we have a place in Shadow Hills in Indio.
Keep in touch we are either here in Long Beach/Bixby Knolls or in Indio.
Love and hugs,
Peace and Justice


Great job Jo.
You definately deserve this for all you have done and all that you are doing.
Good health to you,


You have worked so tirelessly with such dedication to your calling and angel work.
Love you!!!!!!!!!
xoxoxo Pamela

Congratulations, Jo, on receiving this significant Award from the NAELA.
You can be justifiably proud of this recognition of yourself, and of PRO,
for all the work you have done, and the people you have helped, in the Parkinson community.
My best,
Linda Reiss


Congratulations Jo!
This is terrific!
Velda Ruddock


You are an extra-special person and deserve this honor.
All the best to you.
Love and hugs.


Congratulations Jo!!
You are so deserving of this recognition and award.
We applaud you from your friends at Vitas in Southern California!!!
Sue Malter
Regional Director of Market Development
VITAS Healthcare Corporation


Dear Jo
I am so proud of your accomplishment and recognition. You deserve every bit of all awards and may be nobel prize one day soon.
maryam B


Congratulations Jo, well deserved. Enjoy….E
Elizabeth Ann Bloom, D.H.M.
Elizabeth Essentials


Congrats, Jo…We are proud of you!
Rick and Susan


That is quite an accomplishment Jo.
Congratulations to a very deserving recipient!

Jo, my joyful congratulations to you!
I know that you are very gratified by your work, but am sure this recognition goes a long way.
Well deserved, good going!


Congratulations! So happy for you! You deserve it!
Love, Bia de Salles


Alright!  Way to go, Jo!!!
Yes, Yes, Yes you so deserve this award.
I wish I could be in the audience applauding you.
I am so proud of Jo and grateful to you for all you’ve done to make my life better.


Jo –
Well deserved! You’re a hero to many…
Richard Swing, Swing Mobility Aids, LLC


No one could be more deserving than the one and only Ms. “Jo” Rosen.
BIG kudos to you.  Always wondered when some accolade would be bestowed upon you
for your tireless and selfless unending dedication to helping so many who have
appreciated you and your efforts beyond words.
Be well and every good wish.
Christopher J.


Lori Reid


Wow, congratulations Jo! I spoke at their annual conference in LV in May:
‘Jacqueline, thank you for your wonderful, entertaining and professionally uplifting presentations. Your list of items we should provide our clients and the conversations we should have with caregivers were particularly helpful, and I have begun to implement your suggestions. It is of tremendous benefit for us professionals to address the personal emotional aspects of dementia care that so many of our clients live with, and you educated us in a powerful way.’
—Richard A. Courtney, CELA, Director, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys


Congratulations !!!
Kaya Kouvenon


Congratulations Jo-a well deserved honor!
All my best-
Stefanie Elkins
Program and Outreach Director, Circle of Care Leeza’s Place


Congratulations Jo.
An award well deserved!
Barbara Bean


Dear Jo,
Congratulations on your award! Continued good luck in the battle against this horrible disease.
Warm Regards,
Dr. Bruce


Congratulations! Your work deserves to be honored and recognized.
I wish you all the very best.
Warmest regards,


WOW!! This is awesome  Jo J and so deserved by such an amazing lady J I am proud to call you my colleague & friend!! J
Lisa Ramsey, CSL
Medi-Cal Consulting Services, Inc.
Do you mind if I post this announcement on our company blog?
Neil Rotter, MSG, MSW
Vice President of Business Development


Congratulations Jo!!
Mary Michlovich
Executive Director


Congratulations, Jo, on so many levels!  We are all so proud of you.  I am beside myself with joy.  You are so deserving of this honor, and I know Alan, your mother and your brother, are smiling down on you with an abundance of love and pride.
You are the bomb!
Love, Marci


Truly inspiring Jo, you are one of my lifetime’s most inspirational people.  Don’t know how you keep it all together as well as you do.  I reached a big fat boundary realization recently & having to navigate from more joy & less stress.  Love you a bunch!!!!!!!! xo


Congratulations Jo – that’s quite an honor. And you deserve the recognition.
Eileen B. Salmas
Corporate Account Manager  Stamps.Com & PhotoStamps


Congratulations! You deserve it.
Jerome P. Lisk, M.D.
Board Certified Neurologist
Fellowship in Movement Disorders


Jo, congratulations!  I’m so glad you are being recognized in this way.  You work tirelessly and you certainly deserve this!!
I really like your website and especially loved the motorcycle video on the Wellness-village page.  It was really heartwarming and made me think of a client who created a nifty Dashaway attachment for his motorcycle!  Here are some pictures.
I hope you are well, and look forward to catching up soon.
Lolly Ossman
Vice President


Congratulations…What An Honor!!!
O.B. “Barney” Upton III, SIOR
Baxley Properties, Inc.


Congratulations! I’m glad to see that your generous and wise efforts continue to get recognition. National Elder Leadership Award! It sounds great. Well deserved! and thank you for all you are doing to help people who are having a hard time.
All my love,


Dear Jo
You are a gem, congratulations.


We’re still out & about on the road in NE. Our youngest son’s location. We were so pleased to hear your Award news.

Ken & Dolores


Kudos, Jo, we will have a paragraph on your award in our next (Dec) newsletter.
Richard Darling, DDS
Fair Foundation


Well deserved!!
Congrats Jo
Dennis Thayer


Congratulations, Jo.  Another feather in your cap and well earned, I am sure.  Hope to see you soon.
Sara Barnard


Jo- Mazel Tov on the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.  You do deserve many awards with what you have done with the PRO for many years.  I sure remember our meetings in Glendora with closing out the evening at my home with cookies.  LOL.


Be well my dear friend.
Love and hugs,


I have only spoken to you on the phone, but I wanted to congratulate you on your Award.
Fran Chapman, Activities Manager- Morongo Basin Senior Support Center, Yucca Valley, CA
Sue DuBrin


Diane L


We are very proud of you Jo! Thought I would share this with your friends.
Dan Mace


WAY TO GO JO x0x0x0x


The press release is lovely – to a most deserving person.


Congratulations. You deserve the prize richly.
As ever, Irmeli






Donna T, Sherman Oaks, CA


Bravo, Jo, and well deserved. I like your picture also. You have not changed at all since I last saw you many, many years ago. Have you discovered the fountain of youth? Keep on helping distressed people. I am grateful to you and I know Carl would join me in wishing you continued good health and happiness..
Liette Sharp, Glendora.


Congrats… anything I can do to help?
Amy Switzer


Dear Jo
Congratulations on a well deserved honor! You’ve done so much for so many and I know we will all be thinking of you and congratulating you on the 11th of November.
Have a wonderful and safe trip to Boston and again, Congratulations!
Rosalie Lyons


My heartiest congratulations, Jo.  This couldn’t be more deserved!
My best–
Sandy Kroll


Hi Jo,
My heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to a dedicated servant to this insiduous disease, Parkinson’s.  Proud of you & all your achievements.  You can feel proud also.


Hullo Jo
Congratulations and so well done and deserved. As one who was thrust into the midst of Parkinsonism, you have done wonders.
God Bless you
David Zimmerman
Sjogren’s Soc of New Zealand.


Jo Rosen—our heartiest congratulations on this award-Al and I are so happy for you and the tremendous work you were involved in to give to so many less fortunate.
Sincerely, Melina Kaehn

A BIG WOW and CONGRATULATIONS on such an honor!  I hope this moves your work forward at lightening speed.
Your special friend and heroine worshiper


Yeah!!! Congrats Jo!!!  This calls for a celebration.  Let’s schedule a lunch, I would love to take you out in honor of your mighty achievements!!
With Love,

Dear Jo
Congratulations on a well deserved honor! You’ve done so much for so many and I know we’ll all be thinking of you and congratulating you on the 11th of November.
Have a wonderful and safe trip to Boston and again, Congratulations!
Rosalie Lyons

Congratulations on all of your good work!
Doug & Diane

What an honor….congratulations!
Lois H
Tucson, AZ

Congratulations on much deserved award.
I am so proud of you and so proud to know you.
Doctor Beth

Dear Jo Rosen,
Congratulations on your achievement. I am sure this would give you the incentive to keep up the good work I would be interested in getting involved next year as I would like to take this initiative to India if it would be feasible. Let me know if you happened to travel to west coast.
Partha Boruah, DMD

Way to go, Jo
You have done so much good in the community…..
I applaud you!!!!!!  Hope all is going well in your life….Haven’t made it out to the desert
in ages…..
Congratulations on your honor.
Darlene Fogel

Congratulations, well deserved.
I know how much effort you have put into this.
Best Regards,
Lois Rosen
Global Account Manager

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