Message from the founder and President- Jo Rosen

Welcome to the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s (PRO’s) NEW website. We look forward to your participation in building what will work best for you.

Parkinson’s Resource Organization was the first, and remains exclusively, psych-social organization in the Parkinson’s world. Our mission is to help families affected by Parkinson’s forge through the journey of the disease’s progression with as much quality as life can provide.

We believe doctors should ask if your long-term care insurance is in order BEFORE they make the diagnosis of Parkinson’s or any neurological chronic illness, simply because after the diagnosis, obtaining quality long-term care insurance is virtually impossible. If a person lives through all five stages of the disease they will need long-term care.

Understanding the costs and needs of long term care, among other issues, can be obtained through PRO’s monthly newsletter, Newsworthy Notes. Parkinson’s Resource Organization begins and ends each day, working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s.

Until a cure is found a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s can look forward to living through the five stages of the disease.  These stages can take anywhere from four years to forty years. The differences depend on the person with the diagnosis. During this period, plans and strategies get made by the person with Parkinson’s, their family members and their medical professionals.  Through information, referrals and outreach, PRO works with the families (even if the family is one and that one is the person with the disease), as they navigate through the journey.

PRO sends Newsworthy Notes throughout the world, holds support group meetings throughout Southern California, communicates with constituents via telephone and e-mail, and sponsors symposia and public awareness events.

PRO is sanctioned in the State of California and by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit charity.  We depend entirely on donations to ensure our continuing work in the Parkinson’s community.

We are not here to find the cure, there are many fine organizations, institutions, and researchers working towards that end; however, our work integrates with theirs in a very powerful way. By keeping our constituents informed, involved and motivated, we compel organizations, institutions and researchers to keep their noses to the grind stone.  We are only here until the cure is found.

I am proud to have been the founder and volunteer President since 1990. My reward is knowing that people appreciate our efforts enough to make a tax-deductible contribution.  A contribution is genuinely appreciated because it allows us to:

▪ Grow and improve our support group meetings

▪ Open our complete library to the public

▪ Mail our newsletter to families and resources, free of charge

▪ Create and sponsor Symposia and Public Awareness Events and Campaigns

▪ Stay in touch with those who needs us


▪ Continue our on-going daily efforts of working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let us know how we can help you or how you can help us.  Contact us at or call us at 760-773-5628 or use our toll-free number of 877-775-4111.  For postal service use or to visit our headquarters, our address is 74-090 El Paseo, Suite 102, Palm Desert, CA 92260-4135.

We’ll be in touch, so you be in touch and in the meantime, Stay Well!!

Jo Rosen

About Editor