Parkinson’s Recovery Summit- A Personal Perspective

My personal perspective of The Parkinson’s Recovery Summit
By Cheryl Epstein

The atmosphere was so upbeat. Everyone was interested. Everyone was hopeful. Everyone was on the same page: Open to experience, to learn, or just to ‘listen’ to words they had never heard from their doctors; concepts, thoughts, ideas about how they could help themselves. These are the brave, the determined, and the out-of-the-box thinkers. They came from all 50 states. They came from Canada, Mexico, and Australia. They came (we came) to be on the cutting edge of alternative care. It was so refreshing. No one was talking about pills and/or surgery. 18 presenters over 2 days held 1½ hr. workshops all on topics that help relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Some claim to be symptom free and quit their meds completely. I was amazed. It was so encouraging, uplifting, positive, and hopeful. We learned from each other. We made connections. We were all of like-mind… Knowing there is so much more we can do to help ourselves.

Jo Rosen, my daughter Sophie, and I watched people being treated by sound, oils, meditation, family constellations, sound vibrations, PMA, the “foot whisper”, tai chi and Qigong, the fava bean lady, stem cell therapy, etc., etc., etc.  Of course there was our powerful and packed workshop on TMJ for the reversal of Parkinson’s symptoms, and “The Road to a Cure” for the reversal of the disease itself. We laughed. We cried. We made a difference. For me personally, a lady Cheryl from Canada made all my wishes come true for everyone with Parkinson’s. She showed me a video of her best friend who has Parkinson’s. On December 14, 2011 she was visibly shaking and had trouble walking. She received her TMJ appliance. On the next video dated January 4, 2012, the lady Cheryl’s best friend was walking normally. Her tremor was gone and she thanked me on the video. I have never met Cheryl or her best friend before, but I made a huge difference in their lives. You have no idea how happy that makes me!!! I know this therapy doesn’t help everyone, but when it is done properly, it’s dramatic.

The Summit was one of the most worthwhile events in the Parkinson’s community I’ve ever attended! I felt like I found my people. Not only was this a group of “Parkies,” but it was a group of Parkies that were open to trying anything alternative to get back to wellness. I came away from this event knowing that there isn’t only one way, but multiple approaches that will make a difference in the lives of People with Parkinson’s.

I’m not suggesting anyone throw their meds in the trash, I encourage anyone who is unhappy with their conventional treatment of pills and surgery to explore other possibilities. Two great ways to start doing that is go to the Parkinson’s Recovery and the Parkinson’s Resource Organization websites. Parkinson’s Recovery is planning another Summit February 2013 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you’re tired of hearing about DBS, pills and clinical trials, I invite you, NO; I challenge you to step out of the box, be your own best advocate, and just try something new. You have nothing to lose by stepping up to the batter’s box and taking a swing or two or three. You never know when that bat and ball will connect. And when it does, when it does, well, you never know how good it’ll feel until you swing. You may even hit one out of the park (inson’s.)

Good luck, Good health, Keep swinging, Peace and Love,


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