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  1. My Follow-up visits to Dr. Kohtz for Vision Therapy

    It has now been two months since I received my glasses from Dr. Kohtz. I have gone through three eye-vision therapy sessions with Anna, her assistant. The first thing that Anna has me do is look into a cone that has a bright blue light at the end of the cone. I spend ten minutes staring at the light and during that period time, another color starts to appear. The purpose of this exercise is to improve my peripheral vision by getting the brain to incorporate color in that area. My first two visits I couldn’t see the second color, but on the third visit, I did. I also do a bifocal tracing exercise tracing an object first with my dominant (right) hand and then changing the pencil to my left hand and tracing the same object. What has been interesting is that the left hand on my first visit and the ability to do the tracing and see the point of the pencil through the bifocal optics was difficult to see. But after the third session, both hands duplicated the visual object perfectly with no problem in seeing the pencil point. There are another group of exercises that Anna put me through during each session and all of these exercises have improved proficiency in performance of the exercises.

    I believe these exercises have improved my peripheral vision so that I am able to now read faster. I am seeing more words at one time thus improving my reading speed and proficiency in comprehension.

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