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Composed by David N Verdery, January, 2021, marking 14 years with PD

I’m walking,
when suddenly I’m falling 
And the falling felt like felling 
A redwood tree.

I was shuffling in a stupor,
And I knew that it was stupid 
To think that stooping over 
helped my gravity.

When you suggested “walk upright”,
My body felt so tight
That my muscles wanted to fight
The will to show I know you’re right.

For us with our disease
We always want to please
Those who care for these 
Whose love’s a driving force.

But who knows what to give 
It’s not known how long we’ll live
And we always seem to be zooming down
The curse of PD’s course.

Yet to all of us I say
There’s ‘ere a brand-new day
So please don’t give up hope
We’re still learning how to cope
With all the unexpected PD maladies

Curtis, bless you for your service.
When my love’s beneath the surface,
I assure you that I love you;
Couldn’t do it all without you.

And if there’s no “tomorrow”, dears,
Weather together the sorrow.
Please allow me now to borrow 
From a book that I have loved for many years.

“May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live”.  
To you, my friends, these loving words I give.
My life with you has always been “bon vivant”!

*from “A Book of Irish Toasts” by unknown

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Updated: August 16, 2017