As we journey throughout our day, we are commonly called upon to manage more than one task at a time. In fact, incidents involving falls often stem from scenarios that require us to dual task. This simply means performing more than one type of task at a time. For example:

  • Holding a tray of food and walking

  • Navigating a map while driving

  • Navigating a curb while walking, talking and crossing the street

The primary task can be physical and the secondary task can be cognitive, auditory or possibly a different motor skill. Over time and under certain circumstances, our ability to complete two tasks together becomes less efficient due to the brain power it takes to manage the “load” at hand.  

Factors such as age, medication, and/or comorbidities (Parkinson’s Disease included) can slow recall, attention, focus and processing speed. This, in turn, can translate into decline in the number of distractions we successfully can juggle.  

Practice can help minimize what physical therapists call  “dual task cost”. The better we are at dual tasking, the less time we lose in the effort.

Our new fitness class will sprinkle in dual tasking. The goal is to slow down mental and physical changes through repetition, intensity and attention via task-specific movements.  This type of practice can improve motor skills and boost cognition, providing you with a bigger bang for the buck. 

This class engages both brain and body to boost flexibility, balance, strength, agility and gait. Here is an example:  

  • Complete 8 squats or sit-to-stands while saying your family's birthdays

  • Or do 10 overhead presses while listing as many in the following category (Examples include: flowers, breeds, car models, sports teams, states, sauce brands)

The goal of the class is to improve motor skills and boost cognition through the concept known as dual task training. Curious? Join us on Thursday, February 8th or Thursday, February 22nd to test your mind-body connection. 


About the Instructor: Kelly Willenborg has a Masters degree in Gerontology and a Bachelor’s degree Business. A serial dual-tasker, Kelly is certified in Rock Steady, PWR!, SpeakOut!, Drums Alive, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, and is the founder of Peace for Parkinson’s, MyMemoryWorx, and Healing Jukebox. A double-dog mom and double-kid mom, Kelly has been a passionate advocate for dementia & Parkinson's for the past 14 years. 


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Updated: August 16, 2017