Showing us the LIGHT
Supporting our CREW
Helping us maintain our FLEET
Being our ANCHORS, and
Turning the WHEEL

Donations from supporters like you allowed us to accomplish some major projects and grow services this past year

Assemble 91 Support Group Meetings

Host a Major Educational Symposium

Launch Our New Website along with the Wellness Village

Add 1,095 Families to Our Mailing Databases


Summer is here, but we are not cooling down our efforts!  Ongoing activities and services our team at PRO provides include

Information and Referrals

Emotional and Educational Support Groups Throughout Southern California

A Monthly Newsletter

Expand Resources Available in the Wellness Village

Share New Education and Other Resources for Those Affected by Parkinson’s



Our fleet continues to sail on committed to the growing need for Parkinson’s resources. We ask you to help lift our sails so that we may continue to help those affected by Parkinson’s 365 days a year.

Your donation this summer will amplify and elevate our efforts on every level, help keep PRO a dynamic organization, and will support our fleet to

Refresh and organize our office!  Our goal is to increase efficiency and productivity by restructuring the workspace and by replacing make-shift office furniture

Continue our support group gatherings

Provide continuing education programs for our staff and volunteers

Recognize our valued volunteers and everyone working behind the scenes with a Special Persons Acknowledgement, “SPA” Day

Support hiring clerical assistance for Jeremy and Jo, who are overworked and underpaid!


Your contribution to PRO this summer can help thousands realize a better quality of life today and beyond. We thank you in advance for your support!                                             

With love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart,

Jo Rosen
Founder & President
Parkinson’s Resource Organization

PRO… SAILING Toward a Cure!
Fund our fleet so we can deliver the goods

Summer is here, but we are not cooling down our efforts!


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Updated: August 16, 2017