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Perhaps everyone has aluminum foil in their kitchens, by the BBQ, or taken with us to the camp site to use on the fire or afterwards to store our cooked food. It has so many uses. However when it comes to using aluminum in food preparation and storage, what has science informed us?

Aluminum foil is safe when used cold, like wrapping a sandwich for the fridge; however, using it hot, or even warm, the foil is degraded and seeps into the food.

When hot or heated, the levels of aluminum that leak into the food are considerably higher if the food actually touches the foil, if seasonings are added, or if the food is acidic. The hotter the foil is heated, the more seepage occurs.

This result occurs no matter which side of the foil is next to the food. Aluminum impedes with the digestion of calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride, which can even result in osteoporosis. It harms the kidneys and impairs the liver.

It is linked to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It can lead to sleep disturbance, and speech problems. There are lots of sources of aluminum in our day to day lives; antacids, vaccines, antiperspirants, even drinking water. So we’re already getting a heavy dose of aluminum. Cooking in aluminum foil or aluminum pans increase exposure. 

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Updated: August 16, 2017