Breaking news: Orally bioavailable drugs for treating Parkinson’s · Parkinson's Resource Organization

Breaking news: Orally bioavailable drugs for treating Parkinson’s


Breaking news: Orally bioavailable drugs for treating Parkinson’s

Apart from providing symptomatic relief for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, therapies don’t exist that can halt, slow down, or reverse these diseases. La Jolla based ICB International, Inc. plans to overhaul the treatment of brain diseases. The Company has developed blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeable proprietary antibody mimics, referred to as SMART Molecules (SMs), which when injected in the tail vein of animals reach the central nervous system (CNS), halt and reverse Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. 

     ICBII’s on-going efforts to improve its technology has led to the development of an alternative form of SMs, which are much smaller but biologically as active as the full-length SMART Molecules. In preliminary experiments, Parkinson’s mice treated with this new drug produced results identical to those of full-length SMs. A treated mouse had 34% fewer clumps of aggregated á-synuclein in its brain than the untreated mouse. Since this new drug is stable in low pH conditions and most proteases found in the gut, ICBII believes that one day it will be able to offer its drugs in the form of pills to halt and reverse neurodegenerative diseases.

     Typically, immunotherapy is administered intravenously. The patient needs to visit his/her doctor’s office or hospital to get an intravenous injection, which requires time and payment for an office visit. To the best of our knowledge, there is no precedent for administering immunotherapy orally. ICBII believes that it will introduce orally admissible immunotherapy in the very near future, thus revolutionizing the treatment of CNS diseases.

     ICBII plans to develop the orally bioavailable drugs for treating CNS disorders.

     WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP get their drugs to market faster? The joy of being a part of this historical event can be had by helping ICBI find the funds to bring these trials to fruition through your investing, and by finding others with the financial ability and humanitarian mindset to accomplish the —until now—impossible.

     Please contact Jo Rosen at 760-773-5628 or or by contacting ICBI directly through their website, or by phone at 858-455-9880.

     IMAGINE the world without Parkinson’s, MSA or Alzheimer’s disease.


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Updated: August 16, 2017