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As we pass through another year we count our blessings and honor those we will miss forever. I have so many, and just recently the war took a young Marine who was at my house for Christmas dinner, making my signature line for the past many years so very important, “Pray for our Troops” add, and for their families.

We are building PRO’s 2011 VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS TREE—PLEASE JOIN US,  Click on the Tree and see who has already helped with special messages and remembrances. You are so appreciated.

Many of you asked about my acceptance of the National Elder Leadership Award in Boston on November 11th. It was simply wonderful. Attorney Ron Fatoullah, from New York, spoke a very impassioned introduction of me and referred to his favorite uncle who had Parkinson’s. He said he and his family wish they had known about Parkinson’s Resource Organization when Uncle was alive. A picture of the event can be seen on page 2 with more pictures on our website. Mr. Fatoullah wrote, “You have a fan in New York! Let’s chat in the near future to see how my firm can get involved in your efforts on the East Coast.”

Again, “Did you know that vision effects walking, balance, penmanship and even cognition”? VISION, POSTURE AND BALANCE FOR THE PARKINSON’S PATIENT by Janet Kohtz, FCOVD can be found on this page. We are working on having the 500 or so neuro-optometrists in the United States listed in the WELLNESS VILLAGE on our website.

Our continuing efforts to bring about ULTIMATE QUALITY OF LIFE for people with Parkinson’s, a continuation of the TMJ/TMD information can be found on page 5 with the article MRI STUDY SUGGESTS BRAIN BLOOD VESSEL ABNORMALITY MAY BE FACTOR IN PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

I look forward to bringing Marines to my house for Christmas day again this year. It brings such joy to me and the neighbors to say thank you to them. Until next month, REMEMBER Pearl Harbor Day on December 7 and the first day of winter is December 21. I send best wishes and HAPPY HANUKKAH beginning December 20, MERRY CHRISTMAS on December 25 and HAPPY BOXING DAY and KWANZAA on December 26th. Remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season; be well, stay close.

Love, Jo Rosen

Founder & President

On behalf of everyone who benefits from our efforts, thank ALL OF YOU who made donations this year. It is with your support our efforts continue.  Please keep us in your gifting plans as the new year unfolds.  Donations can be sent to: 74-478 Highway 111, No. 102, Palm Desert, CA 92260 or by making them on line through our secure website, contribute.

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